The giant shoulder muscles of gym members
"Dude, look at that kid's boulders."
by Jordan44 February 19, 2008
A 30 pack of Rolling Rock beer. What do you get when you combine 30 rocks? Well of course that's a BOULDER.
I went to cyclone liquor and picked up a boulder to enjoy while watching the ice skating Olympic try outs.
by clarebear23 May 25, 2012
beyond a stoner, a huge stone, rock formation, somewhone who smokes weed everyday. they dont give a shitt!
idk, dont fuck with him, hes a boulder
by flavorflame January 25, 2011
A pair of bum cheeks that are abnormally large often with a good helping of cellulite
"Oh my god, check out Boulder Buttocks over there. Her trousers must be made of titanium, what a strong pair of Boulder Holders"
by Borris McFly November 20, 2003
20 dollar piece of crack cocaine
Holla I got some phat ass rocks, they some boulders
by zany azne September 17, 2007
a large female ass. preferably with a stunning scoop.
"o snap!, check out Keesha's fat ass boulder!"
by Cray Loresk May 02, 2008
To Bodie...
she said ya boulder game was kakaaaaaaa
by AYEE GRL January 12, 2011

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