Massing infantry in strategie games.
Meh blob is better than urs. Stop blobbing NOOB!
by Kailette April 23, 2008
when a guy or girl (mostly guys) is very moody and attaching at times or just ignorant. Sometimes it's really cute & others its plan annoying. most of the time blobs are good looking (just saying...)
-symptoms of having a blob-
- incredibly dependent
- gets jealous of EVERYONE that talks to you (including cats)
- makes you feel very special (goodway)
- mood swings
- always is holding you hand, waist, shoulders etc etc.
- gives you little cute looks
- makes sad noises at you, when you talk to other people
example a-
jill- what was wrong with bernard
casey- god, he is just so moody, one minute he's all sad then a second later hes all happy!
jill- he is SUCH a blob!

example b-
sometimes bernard is almost to blobish, he is very clingy, i can't talk to other people

example c-
im glad i have such a blob of a boyfriend, i feel great & loved with him. jeez i love him.
by caseykaleidoscope April 22, 2008
abbreviation of blowjob
I enjoy a blob after a hard day at the office.
by moammar July 17, 2007
A gunk of goo or grime.
I had a blob of poo on my ass, so I flicked it into oncoming traffic.
by B-Drac August 10, 2003
a glob of spit that is flung onto someone else's face/hair off the finger.

Can use gum/lotion also.
You think you're so sweet... Well let's see how you feel after i blob you up.
by Blobbb July 29, 2005
Derrogatory term used against the Blood gang
Man those red Blobs were add it again on my set
by Redrum December 08, 2002
A chick or lady friend that is on her period.
Nah, i didnt bang her, she was on the blob. AIIIIII
by Chester March 07, 2005

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