To "go". To travel to a place.
Do you want to blob to the movies with me?
by Be a knife October 18, 2010
A less pompous version of the word blog.
Jeremy writes a blob because his essays are so well researched and long that they can't be inserted onto a chat board. They deserve a collecting bin of their own.
by definitionofbear August 07, 2010
Blob = A Cute Thing. Not Fat And Awesome Friend, Who Everyone Should No Aint FAT Cuz Thats Bull Shyt.


Eg Joel The BLOB
by Lilo. June 20, 2010
A big fatty who likes to eat chips and play video games. This "blob" also enjoys cookies and often goes to McDonalds' to eat grease. Fatties are not good, and neither are blobs.
EW! Look at the fatty! What a blob.
by BLOBIT02 April 08, 2010
An extremley moody unhappy self harming person that has no personal hygenine (greasy hair, pubic hair etc)

A scrubber also know as a tramp
BdotJdot: whats wrong with hayley.....blob

Hayley: what the fuck man aii ittt i cor find ma jacket aii it yow got it?

BdotJdot: Nah... *slyley* Blob

Hayley: for fucks sake i heard that (standing round the corner ripping head phone out of ears)
by BdotJdot April 11, 2009
Verb meaning complete relaxation (usually in the afternoon but possibly spanning all day) without any sense of guilt due to lack of mandatory things to do
I blobbed myself all day today! Watched Desperate Housewives, ate chocolate and cooked some Nigella-food and ATE IT. T'was epicdary!
by (One). August 16, 2010
liek like like
one person on one end
then someone else jumps down
and they make you fly up
and BAM! you hit the water
i never that i would do that.
by lalasong June 13, 2008

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