a common name for a condom
jonny : yeah I did bang her
Steve : did you use a blob?
by mr X March 27, 2005
What you feel you are when comparing yourself to an extremely attractive person, and deciding that you are the most unattractive person on earth in comparison.
Alyssa: Did you see that picture of Liam Payne's girlfriend? I'm such a blob compared to her.
Emma: No you're not! I am definitely the blob here compared to both you and her.
Alyssa: Lets just have a blob night.
by Cosette2009 May 04, 2012
To fill a ton of condoms with water, then place them all on a person's front lawn or porch in the middle of the night.
Are we gonna Blob Tom's house? He deserves it for being a total douche.
by pierro66 December 06, 2010
a disporportioned person
Becky, what a blob!
by who are we? February 05, 2010
"The Blob" is a movie that has been twice made, once in the 50s, and again later in the 20th century by horror film director John Carpenter. The story is loosely based (very loosely) on the H.P. Lovecraft short story "The Colour out of Space," and concerns a life-sucking, flesh dissolving blob of protoplasm that arrives inside a meteorite.
If you've read "The Colour out of Space," don't bother seeing either version of the Blob - they twice butchered Lovecraft's artistry.
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
A person who is a bit fat but can tank (barge) through crowds of people and can body slam people out the way while his friends push him forward as fast as possible.
Guy1: quick move a blob is coming.
Guy2: shit am gona get tanked.
Guy1: hey blob come here, il help you tank through these people
Blob: sure.
<proceeds to tank (barge) everyone out the way>
by SomeKidYouDon'tKnow August 12, 2011
To "go". To travel to a place.
Do you want to blob to the movies with me?
by Be a knife October 18, 2010

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