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In the Marvel Universe, A particular group of Mutants (Homo Superior as opposed to Homo Sapien) with special abilities who have grouped together to defend humanity as well as they can. Although a significant portion of humans hates mutants, they still strive forward to show mutants are not all evil as many think.
The X-Men are fighting for a world that hates and fears them.
by Cryomorph X December 11, 2003
379 77
a team of superheros written by Stan Lee;
Lets go to the comic book convention & dress up as the X-Men
by Emanuela June 17, 2005
60 30
a supplier of ecstasy
hey we about to hit up the rave, call the x-man
by joshua001 February 26, 2007
35 11
mutants with supernatural powers, often despised by humans
wolverine, cyclops, storm
by unknown May 05, 2003
41 21
The act of two men sitting or standing side by side, and extending their hand towards their partner's penis and jacking off creating the "X" from the intersections of the arms.
Dennis: I am going to see XMen Today.
Collin: Eww gross!
by BoonderChooter April 30, 2009
37 24
sex move with man on top of woman with her legs pressed to her chest and crossed
give me the x man! I love the x man you get so deep into my pussy!
by JBut November 24, 2007
16 18
a woman that used to be a man; an "ex-man".
i was very suprised when i found out she was an xman
by joseph smith January 12, 2005
25 44