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a) To be caught masturbating

b) To masturbate
I thought my roommate was out of town, but he came back in the room and totally metcalfed me.

I am going to metcalfe until I can’t walk no more!
#wank #wanking #jerk it off #spank the monkey #patch the one eyed snake
by Alex Metcalfe June 06, 2006
Another word preferable to the more immature "Dirt Road" term.

Is a reference to poop stuck on your anal hairs.

-Oh dear, I can't crap due to the immense metcalfing of my anal region.

-Oh shit, I forgot to wipe my bum properly and now sport a massive metcalfe.
#poo #crap #bum #anus #faeces
by Alex Metcalfe June 06, 2006
Bling-blingin', so bling-blingin' that you just can't get more bling-blingin' then a Metcalfe.
You so Metcalfe, man. So Metcalfe, that you just can't get more Metcalfe.
#cool #sexy #funny #nice #comfy
by Gangster Cardio October 07, 2005
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