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The most amazing sport ever created. It requires a tremendous amount of athletic ability and mental understanding. People who think baseball is easy and boring obviously have never played and realize that their own sport sucks ass.
*Person 1 talking to someone else*

Person 1: Dude, I hit a walk off grand slam the other day!

Person 2: Baseball is gay! It's boring as hell and so easy!

Person 1: Oh yeah? Why don't you try to play then?

Person 2: No thanks, I don't want to look like a fag.

Person 1: No, you're a fag because you think soccer is

more than just running around and kicking a ball for 3 hours.

Person 2: You don't know shit about soccer

Person 1: Actually I do, I played it until I finally noticed that it sucked.
by BaseballPlayer21 December 08, 2012
Baseball is a code word for smoking pot. It is mostly heard around the northern california area.

baseball gear = pot
how many innings you played= how many bowls youve smoked
your coach = your drug dealer

the bat= the pipe
the ball=the bowl.
are you pitching tonight=are you going to put money to buy some pot

when you are really high you say "man , i hit a home run"

and if you dont want to smoke anymore that night you say "im still too tired to play another game.. "how about we play baseball tomorrow?"

also. what color team your are in, is how you describe the wellness of the bud.
"Hey, did you want to play baseball tonight?"

"Hey, I have to stop and talk to my coach for a second, did you want to pitch at the game tonight, or what?"

"i think she hit a home run, big time"

"hey i have the ball.. do you have a bat?"

"oh, and by the way, we're on the purple team tonight"

so on.
by Mariabella August 16, 2007
When straight men do during the summer(gay men play Lacrosse).
I am not gay because I play baseball.
by deafaultalderman July 08, 2011
Baseball is a game that smokers play while smoking marijuana. You hold in the smoke from every hit you take and the first one who breathes the smoke out loses
My lungs are stronger then all my friends i beat all my friends in baseball
by Da Bay Go Crazy December 07, 2008
The act of using a one-hitter or dugout and a bat in order to smoke marijuana.
Hey Chris, JJ and I are going out for a game of baseball.
by smokeabowl November 16, 2006
A smoking game, only played when 4 or more people get together. Someone lights a pipe/joint, takes a hit, holds it, and passes, each person holds the hit until the pipe/joint gets back to them, takes another hit, and releases both hits in 1 exhale.
Last night was crazy, we all got together and played 3 rounds baseball, we all got totally baked.
by Dudeguy332 February 16, 2010
a sport that used to be enjoyable and fun to follow, but has been ruined by the likes of high-payroll teams such as Red Sox, Dodgers, Angels, and Yankees, buying out all the fire-pwer from smaller markets.
Baseball is the only sport where I feel like my favorite team will never have a fair shot at success, thanks to those rich, cock-sucking clubs and the MLB draft which hardly helps.
by Bozo the Klown February 17, 2009