Guys making out. In short, the great American pass-time.
Why do girls love watching baseball so much?
by pelly jay October 01, 2011
A game that involves sticks and balls. A game men play. i ain't tawkin bout homosexual gameplay.
Roy Halladay: yo homie skillet, let me play 9 innings this time fo shizzle mah nizzle.

Chuck Manuel: yo niggah i ain't playin with yeah. Clifton Lee can do that shit but you can't, yo old son. Baseball is for men, not guys with overgrown beards.
by G UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!! January 11, 2010
A commercialised version of the game 'rounders', popular among little girls in Britain and other commonwealth countries. Sri Lanka also had a similar game which they called 'ell-ey'.

In general, baseball is considered to be an American substitute for cricket. A 'baseball is to cricket what checkers is to chess' sort of thing.

Back in the 1700s in Boston (USA), cricket was played by English immigrants, particularly the ones that considered themselves to be upper class. But Boston had also acquired a plebeian and Irish flavour. The game of rounders, an earlier form of cricket which seems to have been favoured by the Irish, as well as by English children in the 16th century, became the game of choice among the youth.

The Boston cricketers of the time encouraged rounders as a secondary diversion, and even allowed it to be played in their cricket fields by those who preferred an alternative to the more formal sport of cricket. So 'early baseball' (ie US Rounders) grew up in the USA under cricket's benign umbrella. It stayed that way for about the first hundred years of its existence.

By the 1900s, cricket and baseball were looking far more different from each other than in baseball's earlier years. And by that time, it had become an issue of "cricket OR baseball" in the USA...and everyone knows what happened.
"I am a former collegiate baseball player who was always curious about cricket, but never found the time, or the avenue, to explore it - until Fox Sports World broadcast Zimbabwe in India, five years ago. The intricacies of the game speak to the strategic, patient baseball fan within me."
by LGD September 08, 2006
1)An activity that people only attend to drink beer or eat shitty over priced food.

2)The "athletes" in this activity are overpaid and often on steroids. Usually the amount of steroids the "athlete" injects is a direct correlation to how overpaid he is, and if caught he will be suspended for only a quarter of the season instead of banned for life like a true sport(Track and Field). Since the risk-reward involved in taking steroids is so weighted in these athletes favor, who can blame them setting bad examples for young Americans.

3)Young Americans have been tricked into loving this activity that in no way should the values of Americans.

4) Every year you see several MLB owners spend millions of dollars to try buy a championships instead of earning it. Then when a team wins a championship the idiot fans who are actually nervously watching these "games" act like it was such an accomplishment.

4) Baseball is Americas "PAST-time." It may have once not been such an embarrassment, but that time is over. Now all that is left is millions delusional fans watching a 162 game season filled with forgone conclusions. PLAY BALL
Let's go to the baseball game, and get hammered.

My kid better play baseball, I need the money.
--Some dead beat dad.

I can't believe the Yankees won the World Series of Baseball and it only cost them 185 million dollars for the year.
by truthguyNM March 19, 2010
A game played while smoking marijuana, the object being to hold in one hit until the other people smoking have all hit the dank and the tree has come back to you.
Pat: Dude guys, let's play some baseball.
Dom: No dude, there's five of us. My lungs will be shot!
by Pat Shay April 02, 2007
a game for the 4-20 friendly people of the world in which you must take a hit and hold the smoke in your lungs until the whole circle has had a hit.

This is a really fucked up game unless you call it because people love to stop in the middle of the game and when you begin to turn purple they'll say, "Dude, we stopped playing baseball hella days ago."
V: You leave the group, we're gonna have to do something you hate.
B: What?
V: Play baseball

(3 Bowls Later)
B: My lungs are starting to hurt, can we stop?
V: We never played baseball. You decided to stay in.
by Brittney Sade October 12, 2008
the hardest sport to play, since it is the only sport where you can go 3 for 10 and be considered great. Peyton Manning would be benched if he completed only 3 out of 10 passes and even shaq hits more then 3-10 free throws.Baseball is so hard you can succeed only 30% and make it to the hall of fame.
Baseball is the hardest sport ever!!
Thats why Michael Jordan couldnt even make it out of the minors!!
by jockamopunk27 May 23, 2007

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