The act of using a one-hitter or dugout and a bat in order to smoke marijuana.
Hey Chris, JJ and I are going out for a game of baseball.
by smokeabowl November 16, 2006
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A very hard and much more dangerous sport then any other american sport (except for maybe nascar, but driving a car is not really a sport.) The only sport (besides nascar) where someone has died in. The person also died by just getting hit by a 80 mph curveball not even a 100 mph fastball. Nobody has ever died from pussy football. Also hitting a roundball with a round bat is the hardest thing to do in sports.
Football players are secret gays because they like to tackle men in tight pants.

by ac333334 December 06, 2006
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a drinking game, similar to beer pong, in which four cups are alined in a straight line and the teams alternate shots to score runs and get on base. The cups represent a single, double, triple and homerun moving from front to back, with the single having the least beer in it and the homerun having the most. Each team sets a line up and then begins shooting at the opponents' cups to get runners on base. Three misses by the team represents three out and the end of an inning. At this point the other team shoots.

Additionally, steals can occur by playing flip cup in the middle of the table. If the runner flips first, the runner advances a base. Otherwise, its an out.
"The other night me and the guys played a World Series of baseball and we were loaded afterwards."
by ol grega January 31, 2009
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a boring sport for a bunch of fat lazy people who want to make an excuse for being athletes. They get paid millions for sitting on their asses then spitting tobacco then probably actually getting near the ball 5 times in about 4 hours. Totally gay and probably worse than nascar.
Johnny: I'm gay and fat lets go play baseball!!!
Brad: No you fat faggot bitch
by dankith February 15, 2007
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Baseball is a game that smokers play while smoking marijuana. You hold in the smoke from every hit you take and the first one who breathes the smoke out loses
My lungs are stronger then all my friends i beat all my friends in baseball
by Da Bay Go Crazy December 07, 2008
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A commercialised version of the game 'rounders', popular among little girls in Britain and other commonwealth countries. Sri Lanka also had a similar game which they called 'ell-ey'.

In general, baseball is considered to be an American substitute for cricket. A 'baseball is to cricket what checkers is to chess' sort of thing.

Back in the 1700s in Boston (USA), cricket was played by English immigrants, particularly the ones that considered themselves to be upper class. But Boston had also acquired a plebeian and Irish flavour. The game of rounders, an earlier form of cricket which seems to have been favoured by the Irish, as well as by English children in the 16th century, became the game of choice among the youth.

The Boston cricketers of the time encouraged rounders as a secondary diversion, and even allowed it to be played in their cricket fields by those who preferred an alternative to the more formal sport of cricket. So 'early baseball' (ie US Rounders) grew up in the USA under cricket's benign umbrella. It stayed that way for about the first hundred years of its existence.

By the 1900s, cricket and baseball were looking far more different from each other than in baseball's earlier years. And by that time, it had become an issue of "cricket OR baseball" in the USA...and everyone knows what happened.
"I am a former collegiate baseball player who was always curious about cricket, but never found the time, or the avenue, to explore it - until Fox Sports World broadcast Zimbabwe in India, five years ago. The intricacies of the game speak to the strategic, patient baseball fan within me."
by LGD September 08, 2006
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A game that involves sticks and balls. A game men play. i ain't tawkin bout homosexual gameplay.
Roy Halladay: yo homie skillet, let me play 9 innings this time fo shizzle mah nizzle.

Chuck Manuel: yo niggah i ain't playin with yeah. Clifton Lee can do that shit but you can't, yo old son. Baseball is for men, not guys with overgrown beards.
by G UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!! January 11, 2010
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