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20 definitions by irishmoron

easily the greatest band in the world 11 albums
James Hetfield - Vocals, rhythm guitar
Lars Ulrich - drums (crazy)
Kirk Hammet - lead guitar
Robert Trujillo - bass
master of puppets, sanitarium, enter sandman, no remorse

R.I.P. Cliff Burton
by irishmoron August 23, 2005
dumb motherfuckers who cant seem to get along. they're gangs
bloods wear red and crips wear blue. they're always killing eachother
why cant they just fuckin get along i mean come on
by irishmoron August 23, 2005
things that guys like to look at
i like looking at boobies just because, just dont do it when the boyfriend is around
by irishmoron August 23, 2005
the funniest way to say motherfucker
don' mess wit me muhfucka
by irishmoron April 27, 2005
1) crap, poop, feces, ass butter, diareah, brown snake, dump, fly food, dung

2) a funny word that everyone says

3) a word you use when you stub your toe, shoot yourself in the foot, hit your head on the corner of the cabinet, fall down the stairs, crash your car, if the nuclear reactor across the street blows up, or you get pushed into a wall
1) shit

2) shit

3) oh shit
by irishmoron February 18, 2006
the best name if you are in a porno flick
i just watched a movie and hugh jackman was in it
by irishmoron May 29, 2005
a skateboarder
he makes video games
i hear that he's good
by irishmoron August 23, 2005