The sport that perfectly captures what Americans want in sports: Very little action to cater for the usually non-athletic players, mind-numbing stopping and starting, for the ADD-affected fans, and a whole lot of gayness. It is basically a girl's game(rounders) that has been over-hyped so Americans don't feel stupid. Created, like most American sports, because Americans can't win at any true international team sports. Americans needed a game which required characteristics only Americans had I.e. the ones stated above, so Baseball was born. Definitely a lot better than American "football" though. That definitely takes the cake for the most boring, unpopular, fat boy gay ritual. No American "football" fan can hate on Baseball.boreball sleepball fatball steroidball hot-dog ball
American sports fan: Hey, did you catch the baseball game last night?

TRUE sports fan: No. It must have been a very exciting game. *giggles.* What were the highlights?

American sports fan: Oh, there were Budweiser commercials, and Doritos commercials, and there were some fat spectators fighting....

TRUE sports fan: I'm talking about the game itself. Why did you watch it? Were there any homeruns etc.

American sports fan: Now you know no one watches sports for sports sake, right? We watch for the ads, the cheerleaders..

TRUE sports fan: Only in America.
by GuanJin August 10, 2010
a marijuana smoking game where the object is to hold your hit in till the pipe bong or joint gets back to you in the circle the person that never blows out the smoke before it gets to them wins and the loses are counted for 2nd and 3rd place. Usually with 2-4 people the more people the harder the game gets. originated in california and now is popular in oregon and washington.
i only have one bowl left are you guys down to play baseball.

I have a bunch of weed but lets play baseball anyways eh?
by kyle commie February 13, 2009
1. A popular sport

2. A 7 stud (poker) variant in which the 3's and 9's are wild. Also, when a player is dealt a 4, he gets another card.
1. The Phillies are the best baseball team ever.

2. I played baseball and lost with an Ace High.
by timgetsmoney August 17, 2008
The sport with the highest paid players and the wealthiest teams. The Kansas City Royals (One of the worst teams in the MLB) have a higher payroll than the Miami Heat. I love Baseball anyway!
Dude 1- "Did you hear that A-Rod signed a 10 year 252 million dollar contract?!"

Dude 2- "HOLY FUCK, Baseball players get paid so much!"

by Brandon Wilson ^_^ January 26, 2007
Okay, I am just responding to that really long definition about the kid who said that baseball was an "unathletic" sport. If you would do some god-damn research you would realize that baseball is a very athletic sport. First of all, hitting a ball going 90 miles per hour with a 3 inch wide bat takes athleticism and hand-eye-coordination. And to hit a homerun u need to hit the ball 300-400 ft, now don't tell me that hitting a ball going 80-100 mph for 300-400 ft doesn't take athleticism. In Basketball all you need to do is dribble the ball, which u learn when ur 5, and then throw the (big) ball and the (big) hoop. And if you are tall all you need to do is stand in front of a guy and put ur hands up and block the shot. And did u know that Micheal Jordan SUCKED ASS when he came to play baseball. so what u said about anyone being able to play is bullshit. And what about soccer? All you need to do is kick a ball, into a net. For baseball, it takes lots of athletic ability to throw a ball 90-100 mph, and make it drop, curve, cut, etc. So before u get alll mad at baseball, do some research about it....PS--last time I checked, in Football, when you are on offense or defense, you are sitting for longer then you are during baseball. And baseball is a 162 game season, and they only have 18 off days. 162 games in 180 days! now that takes stamina, skill, athleticism, determination, which is why baseball is the best sport ever!
That kid who was talking about baseball needs to get his head outta his ass and stop talking about baseball. The only reason he makes fun of baseball is because he sucks at baseball, and because of his failed attempts at the sport, he likes to make fun of it.
by buckbad July 08, 2006
A sport that id for fat losers that dont have enough energy to run around a lacrosse field. And is basically just an excuse to sit around and chew while wearing gay ass sun glasses. It is also the most BORING sport to watch on the face of the planet. Not to mention they are the second biggest pussies in the world second to soccer players, you got hit with a baseball big deal, try getting hit with a rubber ball filled with cement at 100mph.
" Hey look at those baseball fags"!
Baseball player1 "Hey wanna go do some chew"
Baseball player2 "Sure, can I wear my gay 5$ gas station glasses"?
Baseball player1 " sure and maybe we can have butt sex after, and talk about how much we hate lacrosse".
by LAXBRO69! September 27, 2010
Baseball is a game you play when you're smoking bud where you take a long hit off the pipe,blunt,joint etc. And hold it in till it goes all the way around the circle of potheads and the first person to choke loses
Mary jane-eh man I wanna get really faded
Smokey-eh lets play baseball I bet you'll choke first
by smokey toke n choke November 23, 2007

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