Baseball, quite simply, is amazing. It's a sport in which mental toughness, execution, and skills are put to the test. Anyone who dislikes this sport has big issues. This sport has the power to bring families together, and is a huge part of childhood, and a bonding moment between a son and his father, or grandfather. It is a way of life, and is a huge success in America, the greatest country on earth! GO BRAVES!!!
baseball is awesomeness
by goGOP July 05, 2009
A sport most people would say is boring but those people are people who don't know shit about it. This sport is America's Past Time because of what it has done for the nation. It has kept The United States united throughout time, just think of 9/11. After the "terrorist" attacks in 2001, Baseball's World Series brought the United States together in a time of struggle and pain.

Baseball is also the only fair sport there is. You have to pitch the baseball over home plate to get strikes which leads to getting outs to end an inning and eventually the game for nine innings or more in case of a tie leading to extra innings. The pitcher has to throw the Baseball over home plate it allows the opposing team to be able to hit the ball, if they can. You can't run out a clock like in other sports; you have to throw strikes in order to win.

It is also a very difficult game. Take a Baseball player and put him in any sport and he will compete. Take any other athlete and throw him a 95 mph (mile per-hour) fastball and he won't touch it.

Michael Jordan, greatest Basketball player of all time, retired from Basketball in his prime to play Baseball then decided not to continue because of how difficult this sport is.

"Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and still be considered a good performer," as said by Hall of Famer Ted Williams.

Other sports are great too but Baseball is G.O.A.T
by OGKilluh13 September 09, 2013
the only sport that a player has to score from where you started, not away.
Soccer: try to kick the ball in your opponent's goal
Hockey: put the putt into the other net.
Golf: hit the golf ball to the hole that's like miles away from you.
Basketball: shoot the ball into your opponent's basket.
by September 24, 2009
Like George Carlin said: "One of the 3 real sports."

You need athleticism and strategy. There are usually 9 fielders and a pitcher, who throws complicated pitches like 95mph curveballs to a batter who tries to hit them.

Sure, there are a few more active sports, but you do need athleticism to play baseball. People who call the sport boring, pointless, non-athletic, gay, etc. are either jealous they stink at it, or mentally challenged to a degree.
Tom: Spring is here. What sport shall we play?

Tim: Baseball, of course! It's the best sport ever!

Tom: Of Course!
by Sport_Jock209 August 14, 2011
1) America's #1 sport.

2) A default screen name used by users who registers into MLB message board without creating thier own screen names; commonly used by trolls and people who are too lazy to think up their own screen name.
1) The Yankees are the best team in baseball!!!

by sommers November 25, 2004
A wonderful and fun game to watch play. The modern game of baseball was invented in by Alexander Cartwright, an American, born in New York city, New York(Not Canada for the ignorant Canadians who try to claim something they have no right to). Baseball is a game of speed, focus, concentration, strength, and even strategy(who to pinch hit, should you just show a pinch hitter to confuse the other team, who to walk what to throw in what situation to achieve what you are trying to do). The game of baseball, like someone else on here mentioned, is a game a lot of people, especially when they do not look at all the aspects of the game, think it is boring. The game of baseball is in fact, in my opinion, quite fast. It could be a 0-0 game in the 7th inning lets say and someone could hit a grandslam and theres 4-0. At any time in baseball, at least 1 point can be added to the board with one swing of the bat if its a homer.

PS: Sometimes lets say i go to get some chips or something and get back and even though i took only a minute I missed seeing 3 or more points being scored, that is way faster than football.
Canadian: Canada invented baseball, eh
Me: No you didn't "EH"(says mockingly) it was invented by Alexander Cartwright in the late 1800s who was born in New York
Canadian; Oh I apoligize then eh, at least we both agree baseball kicks ass, eh?
Me: True that.
by Daver91 November 27, 2011
The United State's, Japan's, China's, Korea's, Cuba's and the Dominican Republic's national sport. Better than cricket.

Anyone who says that it is easy, I'd like to see you play 160 games a season
American: My Favorite team is the New York Yankees and my favorite player is Derek Jeter

Japanese: My Favorite team is the Yomiuri Giants and my favorite player is Koji Uehara

Chinese: My Favorite team is the Beijing Tigers and my favorite player is Nan Wang

Korean: My Favorite team is the Hanhwa Eagles and my favorite player is Chien Ming-Wa

Cuban: My Favorite team is the Mantanzas and my favorite player is Esteban Bellan

Dominican: My Favorite team is the Tigres del Licey and my favorite player is Luis Castillo

by KILLSZY September 23, 2006

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