1. Apparently, the sport with the most homophobic haters.
2. America's pasttime, played with nine players, 1 pitcher, one catcher, 4 infielders, and 3 outfielders.

Gets a bad rep because of all of the MLB players that have taken steroids.
Example of definition 1: Definitions I have seen for baseball

"Gay-ass sport" "sport that is only played by fags" et cetera
Example of definition 2: Baseball only has a bad reputation because of its professional players
by HatersGon'Hate February 05, 2011
An activity, not sport, in which rednecks (normally inbreds) use a wooden bat to hit a ball and run around in a square, stopping in 30 yard intervals because they are not physically capable of running farther than 30 yards without having cardiac arrest.
Jim plays baseball because he doesnt have the mental capacity to play any other sport.
by Mister_Fister82 May 15, 2016
a drinking game, similar to beer pong, in which four cups are alined in a straight line and the teams alternate shots to score runs and get on base. The cups represent a single, double, triple and homerun moving from front to back, with the single having the least beer in it and the homerun having the most. Each team sets a line up and then begins shooting at the opponents' cups to get runners on base. Three misses by the team represents three out and the end of an inning. At this point the other team shoots.

Additionally, steals can occur by playing flip cup in the middle of the table. If the runner flips first, the runner advances a base. Otherwise, its an out.
"The other night me and the guys played a World Series of baseball and we were loaded afterwards."
by ol grega January 31, 2009
1. a game in which you have a batter a pichter and an umpire, the point is to hit the ball in order to make it to at least 1st base or go for the gold in a homerun. as for scoring a point for each team mate runs across the home plate at which you first were up to bat.

2. The best game ever played for pothead and frequent smokers alike. the way you play is you take x amount of hits or drags and pass it to the next person and not exhaling until you get the blunt/joint back to you. the object of the game is to see who can hold there breath the longest. (Note: this game needs 2+ players)
example 1: GUY 1: dude are you gonna go to baseball practice?

Guy 2. idk bro, i heard coach is being a douche today.

example 2: smoker 1: ayyy you down to play baseball even though its only the 2 of us?

smoker 2: fasho man. start with 2 hits.
by ayyy_dubb January 08, 2011
A game played by stones in a smoke circle where you hold the smoke in until the blunt comes back to you.
Dude:bruh this blunt is almost out
Bruh:dude lets baseball that shit
by Merij November 11, 2014
The most amazing sport ever created. It requires a tremendous amount of athletic ability and mental understanding. People who think baseball is easy and boring obviously have never played and realize that their own sport sucks ass.
*Person 1 talking to someone else*

Person 1: Dude, I hit a walk off grand slam the other day!

Person 2: Baseball is gay! It's boring as hell and so easy!

Person 1: Oh yeah? Why don't you try to play then?

Person 2: No thanks, I don't want to look like a fag.

Person 1: No, you're a fag because you think soccer is

more than just running around and kicking a ball for 3 hours.

Person 2: You don't know shit about soccer

Person 1: Actually I do, I played it until I finally noticed that it sucked.
by BaseballPlayer21 December 08, 2012
An extremely hard but fun sport to play though is boring to watch. Pitching is hard and hitting is harder. Arm strength is extremely important with quick thinking as well. To all the haters try playing it and when some do not succeed have some respect. It takes quick speed but not endurance, balance, power, and reaction time. Any person with sense will get where I, a baseball player, am coming from.
Bob: Baseball is for pussies soccer is where it's at!
Jim: Well if you try baseball, I'll try soccer.
Bob: You're so on. I will own.
Three months later...
Bob: Baseball is hard. I can't hit for shit or throw farther than my arm. I have a new respect.
Jim: Good. I have a new respect for soccer now.
by quithatingonus!!! February 04, 2011
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