A simple sport that turns guys into pussies that feel the need to defend their "sport" over Urban Dictionary. Not America's pastime, it sucks.
Okay, I am just responding to that really long definition about the kid who said that baseball was an "unathletic" sport.

The first sentence of one terrible definition.
by HaveYaMetTim January 06, 2008
Baseball is where you hit a ball with a stick and run around in circles. If someone punches you with the ball, or gets to the base with the ball before you do, you're out.

Baseball is like sex, you're either safe or you aren't.
Dude: "Hey Man! We should TOTALLY play Baseball today!"
Man: "Dude, that's sweet! But where's my Bat?"
My Bat: "Sorry man, I was in the closet in the basement. Have you ever felt so lonely you have to imagine the wall is another person?"
Dude and Man: "..."
My Bat: "I haven't either, I always have My Balls to talk too."
Dude: "We keep the baseballs upstairs..."
My Bat: "I know."
by Mister Miser March 27, 2008
Baseball is a retarded American sport. I say this because it is unbelievably boring and has no set time limit. Furthermore, Baseball allows players to use steroids freely, and still honor them as "greats".
It is embarrassing to admit that Baseball is our national pastime, lame.
by buttrapecentral April 27, 2007
probly the gayest sport ever envented. people go and watch this sport for the worst reasons. it is probly the most boring sport in the world its like lets go and watch homos hit balls and people wait for them in the out feild every single hit the out feilder know were its going how boring can it get. lacrosse is the way to go
baseball sucks lacrosse is the best
by m-weezy September 12, 2006
a code word used when your parents are around instead of saying smoking marijuana
Parent: What did you do today?
You: I played baseball with a few friends.
Parent: Did you have fun?
You: OOOOH YEA... (laughs to self)
by EricIsHottToTheMax May 15, 2005
A game played by people to scared to play lacrosse.
Baseball kid 1: Yo man lets go play some baseball!
Baseball kid 2: Okay! And after you can rub some hemroid cream on rear!
Baseball kid 1: ALRIGHT@!@!@@!#
by klhsalkdhsalkdhlka February 26, 2008
A sport for people that cannot play lacrosse.
guy 1: dude play lacrosse this year
guy 2: no im a fag i play baseball.
by tommyteabags March 30, 2008
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