The Dumbest "Sport" ever created by human beings. This game is probably easier than Nascar, which is driving in a circle 600 times. Baseball is a sorry excuse for a sport. A game where players can be overweight and still be professional. Each game takes about 5-6 hours, 98% of which is fat American men standing in a field for hours and chewing tobacco. A game where you use 10 year old motor skills.
"watch me catch this ball with this giant glove, oh my god this is so hard!!"
Baseball players and watchers honestly do not have a life, watch a sport that has action in it for GODS SAKE!!
Billy Bob: "Hey Frank! want to go play baseball with me?!"
Frank: "Billy bob, you know we're both 100 pounds overweight!"
Billy Bob: "Oh its ok! baseball doesn't require any atheletic skills anyways!"
Frank: "hmm, you're right Billy. I even have 6 hours to not do anything today! when i get home im going to put on my wife beater and drink some bear, i'm such an american redneck!
by Reaux! June 06, 2006
a boring sport for a bunch of fat lazy people who want to make an excuse for being athletes. They get paid millions for sitting on their asses then spitting tobacco then probably actually getting near the ball 5 times in about 4 hours. Totally gay and probably worse than nascar.
Johnny: I'm gay and fat lets go play baseball!!!
Brad: No you fat faggot bitch
by dankith February 15, 2007
A simple sport that turns guys into pussies that feel the need to defend their "sport" over Urban Dictionary. Not America's pastime, it sucks.
Okay, I am just responding to that really long definition about the kid who said that baseball was an "unathletic" sport.

The first sentence of one terrible definition.
by HaveYaMetTim January 06, 2008
a sport that guys who are pussy fagots play during lacrosse season, this sport requires no physical ability at all and is for gay butt pirates.
gay fag- he want to go play baseball
gay fags boy friend- omg baseball is like the best sport ever! the after we finish we can have gay but sex!!!!
by baseball sucks December 17, 2007
crappiest and most boaring sport in the world played by wussies who cry if they strike our or get hit by a ball. if u want a real tough sport for people with real talent and strength play hockey or football.
bob:hey dude do u like baseball?

joe:no way that sport is for fucking wussies!
by fuck baseball March 21, 2009
a sport for soft kids where you hit a round ball called the baseball with a bat
Todd is so soft.

Thats why he plays baseball
by ShawnTight October 10, 2008
probly the gayest sport ever envented. people go and watch this sport for the worst reasons. it is probly the most boring sport in the world its like lets go and watch homos hit balls and people wait for them in the out feild every single hit the out feilder know were its going how boring can it get. lacrosse is the way to go
baseball sucks lacrosse is the best
by m-weezy September 12, 2006

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