A sport that hardly anyone cares about anymore. For some reason it is called the national pastime of America even though hardly anyone there ever metions its existence.
Tom: Hey Bill did you watch the baseball game yesterday?
Bill: What the hell is base.... oh.... they still play that?
by androidMike February 10, 2009
baseball aint much more to it than that.
by Joe3000 August 09, 2007
The most boring sport. Sports like basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and lacrosse are much more exciting and fun to watch. It is not America's pastime, football is. It doesn't take as much athleticism as football or basketball, and doesn't take as much stamina as soccer or hockey. Lacrosse is also much harder to play. The game stops practically every five seconds, which makes watching it impossible. Most athletes are naturally gifted, while most baseball players are only good becuase they take steroids or some kind of performance enhancer.
Guy 1: Hey, wanna watch the baseball game? Derek Jeter has an amazing .321 batting average and 92 runs!

Guy 2: You're a faggot.
by G- Bizzle October 07, 2007
An American variation on the English girls' sport of rounders. Baseball lowers the skill factor considerably by using a bat almost twice the size of a rounders bat thus making striking the thrown ball much easier.

Interestingly, the sport has a 'world series' in which only one nation competes. Some cynics suggest this reflects the host nation's global awareness.
Chap number one: What-ho, Jeremy! The Yanks are playing rounders!
Chap number two: Goodness, no, Cedric, that is one of their sports, they call it baseball - look, no gals and the equipment makes it easier.
Chap number one: Bless their cotton socks.
by The Archdruid of Mercia May 20, 2009
An American ripoff of cricket.
American:Let's go play baseball!
Normal Human:Cricket is much manlier because you play for five days.
by chealseafan January 18, 2010
When people are smoking pot in a circle, one could play the game baseball (also known as suicide). Its when the person holds in their smoke after each hit until the hit comes back to them.

its hard.
Dude... lets play some baseball...
by andy June 08, 2006
worst activity (not sport) known to man. everyone who plays this sucks giant d*ck. this game is only played the biggest queers in the school. notice the real SPORTS like lacrosse football and basketball get all the girls. the kids who play baseball have little ass dicks. fucking baseball is so gay everyone who plays it should be killed. its only for the gayest mother fuckers out there. peace. fuck you baseball players.
some kid: i play baseball.

me: no wonder why you dont get laid you fucking queer bag!
some kid: i play baseball.

me: no wonder why you dont get laid you fucking queer bag!
this is what that one faggot's (who said the same exact stuff about lacrosse) definition of baseball should be
by getownedbaseball July 05, 2010

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