true definition: gay
"Dude, that's so baseball"

"It's baseball!"
by Jakeywakey July 10, 2008
man throws a ball at man, man hits ball man runs around sooooooo bascilly baseball is aload of shit! like every other american sport
baseball's big finals called the world series hmmm how can it be called a world series when only one fuckin country takes part an no others will beacause its aload of crap
by AVFC December 05, 2007
A very queer sport where people use a plank to hit a ball and run around in circles over and over again. played by school girls in the UK. Ahahahaha.

Baseball is queer. Come out of the closet, Gay Rod.
wow look at me! I hit a ball with a plank and ran around a sideways square a million times! I've really accomplished something! /sarcasm

baseball sucks.
by Fuck­ November 02, 2006
gay, game for faggots, thats right game NOT sport, sports involve physical activity
baseball players don't do shit compared to lacrosse players
by bigc August 03, 2007
The most boring sport to watch, which is dominated by a handfull of juiced up, extreamly overpaid, underworked players who like to call themeselves athletes. High ticket prices and painfully predictable outcomes are often associtated with this "sport".
After taking off the kneepads Joey was granted a 50 million dollar contract to play baseball for the Yankees.

Mark got jacked up on steriods and ran out on the field to play baseball.

by Bretto2006 November 29, 2005
The hardest sport ever created. For all you pansys that say its for unathletic people need to take a look around. I'd like to see your ass hit a 90 mph ball that you have no fucking clue if its going to curve or cut or slide or just come straight. It's proven to be one of the hardest things to do in sports to hit a baseball.. you can fail 70% of the time and still be great. You have to actually use your brain in the sport of baseball rather than football, basketball, soccer, etc. where you just run with a fucking ball and put it in goal, hell in football you run 100 yards into a big ass open rectangle then kick it into a giant ass rectangle in the air... impressive?
Pete: Dude, Baseball sucks.. It's for unathletic people that are boring.
Carl: You're an idiot... *smacks the shit out of pete*
by jwG33 July 19, 2006
High School Baseball: the most pointless sport ever. You don't even have to be athletic to be a baseball player, you just have to be good at hitting things. Then they go around bragging about how good at sports they are. Whatever...they couldn't even run a mile if they were being chased by a hungry bear!
Baseball is for gay pansies.
by *The Boss* June 23, 2006

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