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A sport for guys that can't play a contact sport like football cause their pussy's.
I can run around a field yeah!! Watch me hit a ball!! I suck at baseball!!
by Boutin May 03, 2007
The American version of cricket. Often focused around the MLB (Major League Baseball, mostly american teams) where there are overpaid, underworked "athletes". Most noted for lax restrictions on performance-enhancing drugs in its top players and its likelihood of most players to be on the injured list for injuries that would be laughed at in other sports (cuts, scrapes, strains...etc) Often is very boring, athletes will only play in nice weather (game called on account of rain is never heard in any other sport). Juggernauts such as the yankees, who's team is worth over 1 billion dollars pay for a dream team who rarely performs.
Man 1- Want to go watch the baseball game?
Man 2- I'd rather shoot myself in the foot.
by Cranberrytheprincipal May 21, 2006
A game which has a world series only involving American teams since no one else plays it. Quite similar to rounders as played by school girls around Britain and just as boring to watch as cricket.
Baseball world series - there is no world outside the US
by P..B.. January 10, 2006
Contrary to poular belief on the front page.
Australia does NOT play baseball or encourage it in any way. Cricket is a much better sport.
Baseball suks. too much drugs
by U_Fool July 23, 2006
It's a fun game just to watch and play, and losers with no friends tend to overanalyze the game by citing obscure statistics, like ops.
Fan 1: So who's gonna win today? The White Sox or the Yankees?
Fan 2: The Yankees seem superior on paper, but White Sox sluggers have a .97% greater chance of stealing bases against right-handed starting pitchers on Tuesday day games...
by ThatsBriskBaby April 06, 2005
Ok you people are morons lmao Baseball is an unathletic "sport" where a guy with a small penis uses steroids to be competetive and sits on a bench and waits for his turn to bat and then runs around a gay ass square. Anyone can do that, its not athletic at all. Track takes more talent, Soccer, Hockey, Racing, takes more talent. in baseball all you do is sit on the bench a few hours and go up to hit once then run around and around a square wtf is that??? thats why guys like Deon and Michael can go play baseball just like that, plus look at Barry Bonds that nigga cant even run a mile, Baseball is so gay you people are dumb as fuck and soccer you work way harder then gay ass Baseball, those soccer players they can fucking run all day amazing ass stamina, and they kick each other with those pumped up legs, football is hard too those players stack on top of each other and run around 50 yards really fast thats definintely more of a sport than baseball, Hockey is just as hard as football, they hit hard as fuck and there going 20 mph on the fucking ice and smash on each other, you gotta be strong for that shit, and that shit is nonstop action instead of baseball 80% of the game on the bench ROFL, and track is hard too you gotta run 5-10 miles and they can trip and have a life threatening injury. to all those stuck up kids who play baseball and say those sports are queer those sports arent queer your fucking stupid baseball is queer cause its not athletic. and NASCAR and F1, they can go in 120 degree heated cars for 4 hours and not pass out their some true athletes, I'm not saying I like Racing but racing is a sport no doubt way harder and better then baseball plus if they make a mistake they can die in an instant, so can hockey players and football players. baseball players have nothing to worry about except muscle tears cause their muscles are so god damn weak. Anyone can play baseball its that damn easy do you ever see a Baseball player with muscles? No because its not athletic. It takes no damn talent at all. Basketball, Football, Soccer, Track, Hockey, Racing etc. All of those guys have muscles except Baseball players. and FOOTBALL is America's pasttime not gay ass Baseball.
I'm sorry if I hurt all of your nerd ass feelings making you realize how gay baseball is, it's not your fault your all not good enough to play basketball, football, or hell even hockey or soccer.
by Antonio Smith June 20, 2006
A game losers play because they aren't cool enough for lacrosse. also, baseball is meant for people that are lazy and are afraid to get hurt.
Johnny is a loser, so he plays baseball.
by Cody3242423415345345324 October 05, 2006