Bat-and-ball game originating in Britain, where it is called “Rounders” and is principally played by schoolgirls.
At any given time it involves one pitching-&-fielding team, who must dismiss the batsmen by throwing the ball past them to a catcher, and one batting team who must strike the ball in such away as to enable them to run between the “plates” or “bases” and so amass points.

Apparently also played by grown men, in the Colonies.
Q : Will you be watching the baseball?
A : What, rounders? My good man, watching schoolgirls is *illegal* in my country.
by lex November 25, 2004
The hardest sport ever created. For all you pansys that say its for unathletic people need to take a look around. I'd like to see your ass hit a 90 mph ball that you have no fucking clue if its going to curve or cut or slide or just come straight. It's proven to be one of the hardest things to do in sports to hit a baseball.. you can fail 70% of the time and still be great. You have to actually use your brain in the sport of baseball rather than football, basketball, soccer, etc. where you just run with a fucking ball and put it in goal, hell in football you run 100 yards into a big ass open rectangle then kick it into a giant ass rectangle in the air... impressive?
Pete: Dude, Baseball sucks.. It's for unathletic people that are boring.
Carl: You're an idiot... *smacks the shit out of pete*
by jwG33 July 19, 2006
A sport for guys that can't play a contact sport like football cause their pussy's.
I can run around a field yeah!! Watch me hit a ball!! I suck at baseball!!
by Boutin May 03, 2007
The American version of cricket. Often focused around the MLB (Major League Baseball, mostly american teams) where there are overpaid, underworked "athletes". Most noted for lax restrictions on performance-enhancing drugs in its top players and its likelihood of most players to be on the injured list for injuries that would be laughed at in other sports (cuts, scrapes, strains...etc) Often is very boring, athletes will only play in nice weather (game called on account of rain is never heard in any other sport). Juggernauts such as the yankees, who's team is worth over 1 billion dollars pay for a dream team who rarely performs.
Man 1- Want to go watch the baseball game?
Man 2- I'd rather shoot myself in the foot.
by Cranberrytheprincipal May 21, 2006
Contrary to poular belief on the front page.
Australia does NOT play baseball or encourage it in any way. Cricket is a much better sport.
Baseball suks. too much drugs
by U_Fool July 23, 2006
A game which has a world series only involving American teams since no one else plays it. Quite similar to rounders as played by school girls around Britain and just as boring to watch as cricket.
Baseball world series - there is no world outside the US
by P..B.. January 10, 2006
It's a fun game just to watch and play, and losers with no friends tend to overanalyze the game by citing obscure statistics, like ops.
Fan 1: So who's gonna win today? The White Sox or the Yankees?
Fan 2: The Yankees seem superior on paper, but White Sox sluggers have a .97% greater chance of stealing bases against right-handed starting pitchers on Tuesday day games...
by ThatsBriskBaby April 06, 2005
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