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Acronym - Best Pals Forever
Mike and Zac are BPF's
by Mike and Zac July 26, 2006
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Big Papa Farrington, the loudest most ignorant smart guy you'll ever meet; has a knack for talking shit and making 99% of the population feel stupid. Love him or hate him, you'll never forget him.
BP(mutha fuckin)F

by BP(mutha fuckin)F August 08, 2010
Best psychopathic friend
Dude, do you know Tom? The one who let the mailbox of the councillor explode? He is my bpf
by Blablabla February 17, 2015
beautiful people fatigue syndrome or BPFS is a common condition that involves the total ignorance of "beautiful" people, which can result in delay or complete denial of status surrounding that beautifulness. Although it's fun sometimes to give attention.
"wow, they are always the same height, they look alike...yes, their with the program..oh 2.3 kids? no, the business-typ-marriage-dating-thing...ohhh...the one with the car? yes, that's the one. BPFS.

"did you see the dress? No, not really. The shoes? no, not really. the incredible hunky boyfriend? i'm a flexitarian myself. BPFS.

"did you see those teeth? it doesn't even look like flirting anymore!BPFS"

"What's up with being human?! Seen one, seen them all! BPFS"
by good attention June 21, 2014
Baby Production Facilitator - surrogate mother
Since you don't want to have kids and I do, can I use your wife as my BPF?
by evil bastardo August 18, 2011
Bloody Pussy Fart, Ewwww.
Taylor, You smell like a B-P-F!!
by Soo im[Perfectt] July 09, 2010
Big Paul Fox - local legend
"There's BPF!!"
"How very BPF of you!"
by foxtrot2002 November 15, 2008

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