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the ness of beautiful

to be distracted by something or someones beautifulness
life situation playing beach volley ball and a beautiful girl distracts you by her beautifulness
by shaine93 July 20, 2009
TJK a girl that is beautiful no matter what she is wearing or how mad upset or pissed off at u she is. even when she is yellin at you for telling people a secret you cant help but smile and think damn shes beautiful. A girl i never wanna lose and that i wouldnt mind being with the rest of my life cause she is that amazing and beautiful
dude 1: dude dont look at her
dude 2 : why not
dude 1: cuz here beautifulness will atract you to her like a bug to a bug zapper
by Milky#10 May 30, 2009
Someone that is extremely beautiful!
My God That Girl Is Full Of Beautifulness
by Idiot from somewhere June 05, 2006