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A term used mostly by hipsters to describe anything that is above awful. The goal here is to keep your "I'm a hipster - and obviously to cool for this" attitude intact, by writing as LESS as possible.
Mary: "Hey guys, look at this cool shirt I won!" (posts picture)

Hipster: "Best shirt."
by Prof. Mossbottom September 06, 2011
People claim to have done this as an excuse for not doing better or trying harder.
"Your best"? Losers always whine about their "best." Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.
--- Sean Connery as John Mason, in The Rock
by decacide May 07, 2009
(1) An elitist assholean method for signing email
(2) An email signature indicative of a laziness too pervasive to finish what one started (by simply adding the word 'regards' followed by a comma)
(3) The electronic sign off of any over zealous, ass kissing up-and-comer in academia (probably an intern or TA) who emails his professors a final draft before it is due
(1) Dear Mildred, I found the gumming you gave me last night at the yacht club to be sub-par. Therefore, I shall no longer be skipping the dessert course of upcoming functions in order to engage in necking, heavy petting or any other similar activities in the custodian's broom closet. Best, Charles.
(2) Bro, swt prty lst ngt. Thnk I lft my shrt at yr plce. Best, Todd (a clear douchebag frat party boy's name, right?
(3) Dear Dr. Failedwritingcareer, Please find attached my analysis of vowel sounds in the works of Alexander Pope. Best, Herb.
by Apple Clis March 13, 2013
"Bacon, Egg, Sausage, Tomato", a popular breakfast sandwich combination
Hello Maureen, I'll have a B.E.S.T on toast and a cup of tea, please, dear.

by chris_in_sheffield May 23, 2007
1. Used to describe something that is the most effective, most enjoyable, etc. of something. If there are three cars and one car lasts the longest, then that car is the best car in terms of how long it lasts.

2. Synonym for "guests". Mostly used in England, if somebody says that a room is "for best", they most likely mean it is intended for guests to use.
1. John: Peter's Bakery has the best muffins!

2. Tracy: Please don't play in this room. It's for best.
by Kwing June 20, 2010
A small town in the Netherlands, near the major city of Eindhoven. Despite the world's ignorant belief, the Netherlands consists of more than just Amsterdam. It is about an hour away from Amsterdam, but it is easy to take a drive up there. Everything is close by, so bike riding is very popular among people of all ages. In fact, more people use bikes than cars. There are residents from all over the world, since there is an international school relatively close. The houses are generally small, since population is dense, but residents of best are caring and know how to have a good time
Girl one: I used to live in Best

Girl two(ignorant american): Is that near Amsterdam?

Girl one: No you moron, not everything is by Amsterdam. That's like asking if you live near D.C. even though you live in Nevada. smh
by Best's Favorite Girl September 13, 2011
1. Pertaining to anything of high quality. Generally used to describe women.

2. Absolutely no meaning. Shouted out for the sake of shouting out a word.
1. Tharms - "Yo RS? Shes best!"

2. Tharms - "BESTTTTTTTTT!"
by Rachel Sc. April 05, 2011
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