(verb) to severely fuck up, "try" to fix your mistake and simultaneously look for a scapegoat.

(noun) short for BP Global, British global energy company known for spilling millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.
Whoa, whoa, whoa... Don't BP that shit on me!
by jjjmac May 23, 2010
the new term for RUINING everything.
Sandy sure did "BP" it for everyone at the party after she puked in the punch bowl.
by mojodevo May 26, 2010
British Polluters
As a short-sighted, greedy corporation based in Britain run by Tony Hayward, but with operations all over the world, BP created the worst environmental disaster in world history, by allowing millions, if not billions, of gallons of oil to be spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, killing both workers and marine life.
by DEA302 June 19, 2010
BP was a large multi-national oil driller and refiner whose future is uncertain as of June of 2010. Many theories abound as to why this foreign company was in a position to unleash such wholesale devastation of the American Gulf coast region. Nothing has been mentioned so far as to the notion of revenge.
In 1773, the Boston Tea Party (no connection to the Teabaggers, who have representation if they get off their fat asses and go vote) set the stage for the Revolutionary War. The colonists were pissed that they had to pay tax to the British Empire without any voting representation. Great Britain had been known forever for occupying, taxing, pilaging and plundering territories and soverign nations as it saw fit. Under those stiff British upper lips they were muttering one big "fuck you" to the rest of the world. Gradually over the centuries, the once powerful empire withered away until just about all they were left with was warm beer and Fergie.
Oh yeah, they're also pissed at us because we murdered John Lennon and that sealed the fate on any possible Beatles reunion.
Why does the stench of millions of barrels of crude oil that BP has dumped into the Gulf of Mexico smell like payback for the Boston Tea Party?
by pelicanellie June 09, 2010
Bad Practices
Pulling out a failsafe on a blowout preventer to open up a port for instrumentation, not bothering to keep fresh batteries in an emergency control pannel, using seawater instead of drilling-mud during cap-off, 'cause, ya know, we can save more of that for the next job, and then, once methane and water form clathrates in the drill-pipe, using cement that liberates heat during curing to, perhaps, explosively destabilize those clathrates...the littany of bp astounds.
by ultrarad June 14, 2010
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