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some one who essentially eats just vegetables (as well as fish, eggs & milk) who's not too uptight about eating meat ocaisionally as a matter of convenience; a lenient vegetarian
Rather than offend his hosts, he ate a good-sized portion of the spaghetti a la carbonara they offered rather than making a meal out of salad, bread & dessert. Why go hungry? I'm a flexitarian.
by Mandingoe May 27, 2004
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an omnivore who maintains a predominantly plant-based diet, but continues to eat animals (including fowl and sea animals).
Although Julie eats lots of nuts, legumes, fruits, and vegetables in her daily diet, she is a self-proclaimed flexitarian who will periodically eat fish or chicken.
by Beagle January 05, 2005
they eat whatever they feel's right at the time – vegan Buddhists
bob: this woman put a bacon butty in my begging bowl this morning, tastiest dam thing i've ever had
fred: wait, wtf!? i thought you said you were vegan?
bob: i aint contributing to the trade of meat she just gave it to me, besides im a flexitarian i eat what feel's right to me at the time
fred: ooooh, ok kul
by Ted Slade December 17, 2009
Someone who eats both vegetables and meat but tries to eat vegetarian/vegan sometimes for health and/or environmental reasons.
Chelsea is a flexitarian. She ate fried pepperoni on her Birthday.
by Myles Cloutier February 25, 2008
A silly word to categorise people whose eating habits don't already fit into a category but desperately want to belong to a label.
Me? I'm flexitarian. It's like a vegetarian, but I eat meat too.
by ignatios August 01, 2004
Someone, usualy male, who pretends to be a vegitarian to get laid.
John wanted to sleep with Sue, so he became a flexitarian.
by Muh_Balls August 19, 2012
a vegetarian that sometimes eats meat or fish
Peter was lying about being a vegetarian;he is actually a flexitarian.i saw him eating turkey on Christmas day!!!
by Chrisa June 19, 2007

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