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a slut, whore or otherwise the one who sleeps with anyone for anything
I was at dannys and you wouldnt believe, he had bp living with him!
He better get checked!
by charles pierce May 08, 2008
5 88
The act of shitting so much all over the place, and living it sit, that it is virtually impossible to clean.
Josh: Can I use your bathroom?
Mary: Yeah, it on the left, 3rd door.
Josh: Thanks....
Josh: Dude... I just BP'd your bathroom. Sorry 'bout that. you might wanna call British Petroleum, or maybe even the President. I'm sure they can fix it.
Mary: Fuck you!
Josh: anytime.
by WHBS June 05, 2010
16 101
A big punk. Used to insult someone on a message board or at a show. Typically advertises their beliefs and feelings through ugly clothes and stage diving.
Unknownarmy16 is BP, dog. Check the liberty spikes.

LOL! I saw her in the food court eating Subway, way to support the system, Miranda.

by Michelle Gisele October 26, 2007
10 95
a slut, or whore. the one who gives it out for free and or gives it up easily
Man, I was hanging out with danny at his place and I think he had a bp living there with him!!
by Mark Waits May 06, 2008
8 94
bp also stands for Barack Petroleum. Used to describe British Petroleum, because of its cozy relationship with Barack Obama aka Michelle's husband, especially during the time of the disasterous Gulf Of Mexico oil spill in 2010.
Among the multinational corporations that contributed large sums of money to Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 was bp (British Petroleum). So during the disasterous oil spill crisis of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, people were wondering if President Obama was sheltering bp from governmental retribution for reasons of political patronage.
by idleworshipper June 16, 2010
79 167
BP is simply an abbreviation for butt plug.
Why don't you go sit on your bp.
by bergalicous September 21, 2007
18 106
Black Panther NUKKA!!
Ima get the black panthers on yo ass
by NUKKA 4 LIFE April 25, 2003
10 98