Butt Pirate-someone that receives pleasure from taking it in the ass.
While at work today I noticed that TJ was being a BP.
by Casey S July 29, 2006
A black person, use this term when your with other white people with some black people in the vacinity and don't want to say nigger, also good at school so you can't get in trouble.
I smell BP's, lets leave this KFC and get some arby's
by Nick Hr. September 16, 2006
Black People as in African Americans
Look at those BP in their throwback jerseys.
by shalom 1 and 2 August 23, 2005
The word orginiates from the word "Butt plug" used in most cases where one cannot be fucked to say the word Butt Plug
"Dude can I borrow one of your BP's?"
"Nah man don't ask me, ask J. He has a very rare collection of BP's"
by Arnold SWACVENHENGEERG March 08, 2005
Only people who are sexy, amazing, crazy, perfect, breathtaking, exciting, kind, remarkable, outstanding, terrific, dazzling, marvellous, spectacular, fabulous etc can take the name BP. BP’s are just too cool to explain, rather you must meet one. Once you meet a BP you will never be the same.
Allie is the best BP in the world, she just the best-est, cool-est person in the world. She is just f-ing amazing.
by a bp May 10, 2010
abbreviation for "Boy Pussy", slang for a man's asshole.
I want to need to get some Boy Pussy tonight.
by NDawg23 June 21, 2005
Short for "butt plug".
A BP is used to stop stop any oil or lubricants from leaking out the orifice.
by billthecat July 05, 2010

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