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3 definitions by senny2

Bad Parent Syndrome - When a child acts shitty and you realize it's just because the parents never disciplined the kid.
Amy: Wow, did you see how shitty that kid behaved?
Bob: Yea, but it's not his fault - he suffers from BPS.
by senny2 September 22, 2009
The act of opening a can of yogurt, and it explodes all over you.
I was trying to have some yogurt for lunch, but when I opened it there was a yogxplosion all over my shirt.
by senny2 October 26, 2009
A DVD by mail subscription service for pornographic films.
"Dude, sweet. Harry Twatter and the Sorcerer's Bone arrived in the mail today. I love netfux!"
by senny2 January 11, 2010