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Black Panther NUKKA!!
Ima get the black panthers on yo ass
by NUKKA 4 LIFE April 25, 2003
The accidental eruption of fecal matter during anal intercourse, usually followed by explanations such as: "It wasn't so much" and "I promise to clean everything up"
After we were done, I noticed that the sheets, the coverlet and most of the floor was covered with spatters of BP.
by phillyguy1907 June 09, 2010
To spill something, particularly a large quantity.

This is used in particular in reference to drinks as a substitute for shouting 'taxi!' which hasn't been funny since 1989.
Yesterday James BP'd tequila all over my dog.
by jmdone July 08, 2010
To consistently boon out on a regular basis, including but not limited to: falling in love within 3 weeks, getting bitched out, to intensley fall in love and quickly wifey up random girls, and being booner than any boon can possibly be.
George: Yo man you been boonin out lately, like really bad.

Xavier: Yea you are right, but at least I didnt pull a BP!

George: Hell yeah! Lets dutch rudder eachother!
by BoonMan5000 April 27, 2009
(v) to put baby powder on one's hand(s) right before smaking someone across the face leaving a white handmark.

take out the powder, imma bp that bitch
by lil dd April 09, 2009
Butt Pirate-someone that receives pleasure from taking it in the ass.
While at work today I noticed that TJ was being a BP.
by Casey S July 29, 2006
A black person, use this term when your with other white people with some black people in the vacinity and don't want to say nigger, also good at school so you can't get in trouble.
I smell BP's, lets leave this KFC and get some arby's
by Nick Hr. September 16, 2006