bp stands for bushy pussy
1st guy- dood did u eat that chick out
2nd guy- nooo dood shes got a bp
by ksdhgsdkjhsgdfdh February 08, 2005
blazing pipe, smoking weed
like when you and your friends are talking about smoking weed in public you say BP instead.
by kiddos June 22, 2006
V. The act of having sex with a pregnant woman. Thus, Baby Poking.
Man I really want to BP right now.
by :) January 29, 2003
BP- is short for Black People
Guy1. BP is a huge problem.
Guy2. Yea I know all the oil in the Gulf is terrible.
Guy1. No Black People have been causing a rukus outside my house.
Guy2. Oh Word.
by WAC ZOOBERRY July 04, 2010
Bang Piece...A person you use for sex.
"is that your girlfriend"
"naw that just this BP that i call when im drunk"
by vermilionaire December 06, 2004
An anal sex maneuver involving penetration until the receiver bleeds and defecates, resembling an oil spill. The receiver is left unconscious to spew "oil" for an indefinite amount of time.
I heard Martha was bp'd last Monday. She's probably still expelling oil.
by LucidusSolis July 26, 2010
short for beer pong
yo bp at my house tonight!
by chrizzle frizzle July 26, 2008

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