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5 definitions by ultrarad

Bad Practices
Pulling out a failsafe on a blowout preventer to open up a port for instrumentation, not bothering to keep fresh batteries in an emergency control pannel, using seawater instead of drilling-mud during cap-off, 'cause, ya know, we can save more of that for the next job, and then, once methane and water form clathrates in the drill-pipe, using cement that liberates heat during curing to, perhaps, explosively destabilize those clathrates...the littany of bp astounds.
by ultrarad June 14, 2010
1. Half hour program, less commercials, devoted to sewing and cultivating political outrage, e.g as common on talk radio.

Derived from the Two Minute Hate in George Orwell's 1984.

2. Fox News.
A: My roommate just got cable and I saw Fox News for the first time...no wonder politics has gotten so rabid....

B: Yeah, since Obama won it's been wall-to-wall 22 Minute Hate.
by ultrarad November 11, 2009
University of Contemplative Bombast
His lecture sounded deep at first, but I couldn't quite make sense of it...then I remembered he graduated from UCB...mystery solved.
by ultrarad January 31, 2010
University of Complete Imbeciles
...so, um, if you need an example to grasp this, you must be UCI alumni....
by ultrarad January 31, 2010
Bribes Accounted Erroneously.
BAE paid several million for "technical services" which seem to be the service of persuading a country without an Air Force to buy a military radar system.
by ultrarad December 21, 2010