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Good defs already. Most people who preach anarchy don't even realize that anarchism is a sociopolitical philosophy - an extremely naive one, in the belief that without order, everyone will just get along.
Anarchism is a naive sociopolitical philosophy.
to be against all authority..the government..the po-po..etc.. some try and be anarchy...but cant pull it off.. its a dream that will most likely never come true..but i still hope it will..
kid: im so glad bush is our president! i hope he adds laws that will keep us safer..
anarchiest:FUCK AUTHORITY! i hope president bush burns in hell and dies a slow and painful death...
by aNaRcHy 4 lIfE! October 25, 2003
A state of lawlessness, chaos, direct opposite of order. Pop culture symbol: Circle with an A inside with the middle line protruding outside the circle.

ALSO: Anarchist - Teenaged/College aged punk who thinks they can handle anarchy when in reality the first time the rules are broken against them they run crying back to authority.
I'm such an anarchist! I switched two peoples orders around at the restaurant where I work! lets go to hot topic and write pathetic psuedo-suicidal poetry to be so invidually cool!
by Xyan July 23, 2003
Idealist politcal concept with not a hope in hell of ever working.
So, now we're all equal we'd better start... oh shit, we can't make any decisions because our philiosophy is fundamentally flawed!
by Oz July 14, 2003
A belief in which there is no government, AT ALL!!! Of course, the other side note is that the people will have to form together to manage the 'freedom' that people get from anarchy, thus forming another type of government. Anarchy means people will come together in unity and live in peace, but if they do, there will be some sort of form of self-government...

also see: never achievable.
by omi July 02, 2003
Lack of government. Anarchy dosn't necissarily mean chaos. Just that there are no rules. A state of anarchy never lasts because it usualy causes a survival of the fitest situation in which the weak fallow the strong, and a form of government is formed. Anarchy can exist, but never for long, and is a part of the natural cycle of government.
Under the Articles Of Confederation the United States could not hold up a militia. Because of this a period of anarchy brought about Shay's Rebellion. The government had now power to repress it. After this the constitutional convention was held and it was decided that we needed a new government based on strong national government rather than strong state governments.
by Ice Cold Anarchy January 18, 2006
A person that sits in a chatroom all day,talking to text based lifeforms,and has over 200+ screen names.
...Er...Indeed,Text-Based Life Form...!
by unknown April 06, 2005