anarchy is an system without the system that currently blinds us from the truth. with anarchy there would be no rich people or poor people only need for money or leaders.
but anarchy does have some down points:everyone would have to work on the same level and no1 to enforce it and there would be no1 working for any1 so no1 would make any new products.
anarchy is only a dream because to many arseholes want to be boss.
by werdanny August 06, 2007
1) the lack of, or total removal of government, laws and all forms of rules and regulations.
2) there is no right, there is no wrong, anyone can do what they see fit.

3) It's a great idea, but it would result in total chaos, barbarianism, decivilization, mass-murders and riots.
1) they fought back for the sake of anarchy.
2) the room was in a state of anarchy.

3) Imagine police officers with the power to do whatever they wanted. Imagine the kind of police brutality we would see then. Imagine terrorist groups who had no laws to abide by.
by punksalot June 26, 2006
All of ou fuckig posers that buy the shit from Hot Topic (owned by Abercrombie) are not anarchists. Its not chaos but rather a way of life that people share there labor for other needs. So stop getting shit from that damn store and realize that anarchy will never be again. Ever. Get over it.
Person 1: Awesome, some shoe laces with the a. Im buying them.
Person 2: Fucking retard. Dont support this damn corporation. (Boots him in hte face and makes him bite the curb haha)
by RPtheFP May 24, 2005
An idea of living without a government. Often promoted by the retards at hottopic.

2.) a stupid idea
"check out my new coppyrighted anarchy shirt from hottopic, a corprate company!"
by peterplopper November 11, 2003
1)chaos; turbulence
2)total absence of government

the anarchy sign is not a trend for avril fans to wear around; avril sucks anyway. it is not an avril sign, and when wearing it, it is not a sign of chaos, but simply showing the person's beliefs of no laws and no government.
1)when the man-eating lion was set loose at the circus, total anarchy occured.
2)my brother taught me about the ways of anarchy.

don't pollute the earth - destroy your avril cd.
by happily dead June 10, 2003
The best form of government...on paper. It doesn't work because the only result is crime. You get mugged, robbed of whatever you own, and it's your choice to have no protection.
Also: Having someone else make everything for you, and never having to pay for it. Not understanding why people stop making things for you.
Darwinism? Except there's not even order.
by JuanValdez February 02, 2004
it doesnt mean evil and omg the means freedom it means to live in peace with no laws.
We will never have anarchy in the world
by Anonymous May 18, 2003

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