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A block party at UW-Madison held at the end of the spring semester. An insane amount of beer is consumed on Mifflin, crazy amounts of people are there, hook-ups are common and usually the only way to remember it is through pictures.
Person 1
"I was soooo wasted this year at Mifflin"

Person 2
"How couldn't you be?"
by badger_badger_badger May 06, 2009
Colossal block party occurring annually, usually the second to last weekend prior to finals, on Mifflin Street in Madison, Wisconsin.
"Wow dude, I got so fucked up at Mifflin!"
"Yeah bro, me too! I was doing a beer bong when I saw some girl fall off a balcony!"
by wiscvic3 May 06, 2009
a favourite mug or cup. particularly refers to one that you do not own, but favour when at a coffee shop or at work.
i'm so thirsty, but my mifflin is in the dishwasher! guess i'll have to use aother cup.
by katiedidnt March 05, 2011
A blow job given or received within the confines of New Jersey
Justin and Jason both paid for mifflins from the hooker in the bronx, or was that Hoboken? Tell me about your travels.
by Mifflin Master August 21, 2006

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