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1. god almighty's own piss.
2. canadians make the best whisky.
dude 1: man, whatd you do last night?

dude 2: got a 40 oz. of wisers, and tapped your sister in all her orifices.

dude 1: man i heard nothing after you said wisers.

dude 2: yeah its godly, lets go pitch on a 40 right now and i can tell you the details

dude 1: awsome!
by shelmet May 26, 2009
a melody which is monotonous.
"this elevator jazz is infectiously boring"

"i know eh its melotonous as hell"
by shelmet May 11, 2009
1. what 12 year old middle class "punk rockers" write allover everything they own while yelling about how the "system" is getting them down and how somehow the world would be a more equal, peaceful place if everyone could go around robing and killing anyone who is weaker, while repeating the phrase " punks not dead" like some kinda mantra... then go tell their principal when they get there weed money robbed by a bigger kid.

2. what a lot of people mistake for autonomy

3. similar to communism in the sense that people who support it believe that people have everyones best interests at heart and wouldnt screw thousands of people over in a second for personal gain.

4. something someone really smart had the idea of pasting the symbol for allover all types of merchandise to SELL AND MAKE MONEY off the hardcore anarchists supporting their corporations.
retard: hey man the world would be a better place if it was anarchy.

person: how?

retard: because everyone would be equal and we would all make the decisions and work together for the greater good of everyone

person: your so fucking stupid i want to go anarchist on your ass and beat you to a bleeding pulp cuz i can. your thinking of autonomy.

retard: no, if there were no rules or law nobody would fight or starve or argue.

person:.....? do society a favour, go listen to the exploited or some other wank ass band that ruined punk rock on your ipod touch, buy a bunch of overpriced patches and t shirts made by kids in sweat shops by the corporations you think your trying to take down, then dig a hole and die in it.
by shelmet May 26, 2009
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