it doesnt mean evil and omg the means freedom it means to live in peace with no laws.
We will never have anarchy in the world
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
Posers seem to think that it means fuck the goverment, but it actually means no goverment, chaos, and everything out of order.

Smart Person: There was no one controlling them, it was total anarchy.
by Mazziah Chaos August 08, 2006
People working together in a society, where no violence or law would really exist. Sort of like the aboriginals before Christopher columbus discovered north america. Anarchy could exist but not nowadays because of all the corrupt people in the world. If people were born and isolated from the rest of the worlds corruptness then it would probably work.
freak: o gof avril is so00o anarchy.
me: i lov aboriginess cuz dey r anarchy.
freak: o gof, y dont dey hav da anarchy symbol on their hands den?
by Jess is a sicka May 12, 2006
It's idealistic, but it could definatly work...afterall... 300 years ago i think people would have called landing on the moon impossible... or how about cars? pretty impossible aye. And for the people sayin "oh no what about electricity!?!" well we dont need it to survive you losers. And the lack of advanced healthcare, would ultimately aid Evolution, and atleast prevent the accidental creation of a Super virus. But for anarchy to happen, first must come the total destruction of our existing society, beleif and morale system. But when the milks gone sour...throw it out!! I can't beleive you people don't see the sence in this! I personally dont see the sence in a society wich pollutes its own water supply, and goes to war over oil ... i could go on and on...but i cant be arsed.

Nihilism + Anarchy = Freedom!

Obescity is mass suicide..
by ihamaswedish December 02, 2004
the only right type of government.its too late to make this happen now because we are government should have ever been formed. its the one of the top reasons so many people agree that life sucks. everyone is so brainwashed that we cant do anything about it now. so basically, we're fucked. oh well, lets just do drugs and get over it:)
america:i think im the shit!
china: ill pretend to work, u pretend to pay me!
anarchist: haha. who gives a fuck????? not me!
by lilcuz March 03, 2005
something stupid depressed teenagers use to pretend they are cool by rebeling against goveremnt they think they can cntrl the word when in reality they will die if they ever come to power
i am so punk and i am an anarchist.......go suicide!
by emperor ban March 20, 2004
Anarchy is impossible, however much young teenagers running around wearing anarchy beanies and bondage pants want to disagree. Anarchy is the absence of any form of political authority; disorder and confusion; the absence of any principle or common standard or purpose. However, by rising against authority as a whole to overthrow government which would create anarchy, you are working together as a group for a common goal, which would totally contradict the whole concept. so fuck you.
: Fuck the government! Anarchy duuuude!
: stfu
by yowhaddupplayuh September 06, 2005

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