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The political ideaology that every one is equal.
The far majority of "anarchists" arn't really anarchists and just say that because it makes them look and "punk."
Also they majority of true anarchists don't know it they olny synonimize anarchy with chaos and nihilation.
Anarchy is simply the idea that no one has any more or less power than yourself. The avarage CEO gets 150x more pay then a floor worker. This huge seperation creates an effect in which the floor workers have to live pay check to pay check, this makes it so the floor workers are wage slaves. Now we are back to slavery which is every thing Abe Lincolin fought to stop.
On another note, what is the point of capitilism? to make some rich and the rest poor. This is all that comes from it. The rich get rich by making the poor poor thats what happens face it. you are being screwed by the government and you employer. The government can do what it wants to with out your consent just as oyur boss does.
There is no point of haveing poor people in this country. If all the rich gave money to the poor there would be only one class, the rich are defined as those who have the most money, so every one would be rich. Equality is the only thing that will come of anarchy.
poser: "im punk and and anarchist, hey look here is my Mercadez im gonna go bathe in money. Yay anarchy."

Real anarchist: "Fuck the government, we need equality and freedom. FUCK THE RICH FEED THE POOR, THE CLASS SYSTEM is NO MORE!"
by ttrruutthh May 31, 2006

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