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The act of making Kony famous. Everything from spreading the word over the internet to plastering your city with posters.
I went Koning last night and put up Kony2012 posters all over my city.
#kony2012 #kony #koning #@koning_2012 #konying
by Human Rights Kony 2012 March 08, 2012
To put down someone verbally by identifying them using their surname followed by the year 2012. Also often used as reference to a political campaign.

Began when the campaign group invisible children Inc released a thirty-minute documentary titled KONY 2012 in order to raise awareness of the actions of war criminal Joseph Kony.
Who in their right mind abducts and murders children? Such behavior commands proper koning. KONY 2012.
#beaking #trash talk #smack talk #insult #kony 2012
by Sharlez March 08, 2012
Konings is a Dutch name with two common meanings:

1) Terrible at bocce ball

2) Drinks a lot of slurpees
That guy sitting at his desk is a Konings
#terrible #bocce #slurpees #koning #konnings
by Himan10 March 30, 2010
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