1.Anal Probing
2.Anal Penetration
3.Advanced Placement
i-Jeffrey just AP-ed Divya yesterday.
by Site December 18, 2007
Anal Penetration. Used by some radio stations that work "blue." They talk around the word so it can have a double meaning, but the intended meaning is anal sex.
They gave him a big dose of AP (also the initials of a football running back who ran for a lot of yards).
by zoneblitz October 31, 2007
Anal Penetration; anal sex
He turned her around and gave her some AP (anal penetration).
by zoneblitz October 29, 2007
Also known as another party, or advanced placement
I'm goin ap tonite bro.
by Big George September 18, 2005
AP stands for Algerian Police, the Algerian Police are notorious in the 80's for their abuse of authority. In Sept. 1984 a group of AP's commited a massive "rape fest" over 240 women were forced into this "local festival" as they called it. The Algerian government still remains silent of the corruption of the 80's for their mobster like civil servants.
The AP slept with my girlfriend.
by Rocky Simler May 14, 2004
slang used by lp (little people-short statured people) they use ap as to *average height people*
lp talking to another lp: "my friend meg is an ap"
by Katee February 06, 2004
something coo. also ADVERSARIAL POLARITY
hey man that's pretty AP stuff

Throughout the Cold War, the fate of the earth rested in the perfect balance of the American and Soviet ADVERSARIAL POLARITY.
by EDIX September 22, 2003

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