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A term used in describing one who has great amounts of sexual potential. A "naim" is generally one who always hangs around girls and "gets" his own. Usually it is used in "girl talk" to talk about a man who they find hot or sexy. Also used as a term meaning a man has a large penis.
"that guy was such a naim, he always has a girl"

"o look at that guy, hes cute, i bet hes a naim!"

" o wow, NAIM! "
by dr. P redhmen May 02, 2009
Manly, tough, muscular, tan, sex-god. He is a Naim. He has a large penis, which girls are attracted to. He is followed by girls constantly, begging to sleep with him. Can beat anyone in competitions: videogames, sports, and thumb wars. A Naim is good at everything. He has unlimited amount of friends, and never carries condoms with him. He has a lot of sexual activity weekly. Has the ability to ejaculate mouthfulls of semen.
Damn, who's he?

Oh, he's Naim

Ohhh... He's hot
by coolman6566 December 07, 2010
A word describing the act of giving (or getting) caressed in a loving manner. Derived from the Hebrew word for "pleasantness", it's commonly used when asking to be caressed, like a child would ask a parent or a person would ask his or her lover.
Honey, please give me Naim on my back?
Son, would you like some Naim?
by spinelesss May 25, 2014
Means "Not in a Mood". An acronym used mostly by furries to denote the lack of disposition to yiff, or any other activity.
(a little conversation before)
User1> *hugs you tight, noses at your cheek*.
User2> *yawns and pads your head* niam sorry

User1> Hey wanna play RO?
User2> naim no thanks
by Ruakuu November 29, 2005