AP means attitude problem.

AP can also be used as a noun like, "She's so AP"
it means that this person has real annoying attitude.

But it has evolved so much that it's now being used on things that don't work.
She's the APiest person i've known. (a girl with probably so much tantrums)

"Why are you AP again?" (AP is also used when your acts seem unjustifiable or unreasonable)

This DVD player is so AP (if it's not working properly)
by bratzeeeh May 14, 2010
Asian Pussy. An analogy: asian girls are to girls, as asian pussy is to asian girls.
Person 1: Yo, you going to study for your AP exams tonight?

Person 2: Yeah, I was planning on going to Rachel's house, but I'm more interested in the other kind of AP.
by yogottiforpresident April 10, 2010
Address the Prompt.

Need I say more?
"Thou shalt Address the Prompt on an AP examination." - The Eleventh Commandment.

"AP. Address the Prompt. And no, that is MY idea, not Davies' idea." - C-Dogg
by KidGudi March 01, 2010
Fucking rocks socks off; one of the coolest things we can perceive.
Damn that rollercoster was totally AP.
by shiggaster26 March 08, 2009
Let gas flow through the buttocks.
Aww! Jack, you apped.
by Zach Man Guy Dude August 30, 2008
1.Anal Probing
2.Anal Penetration
3.Advanced Placement
i-Jeffrey just AP-ed Divya yesterday.
by Site December 18, 2007
Anal Penetration. Used by some radio stations that work "blue." They talk around the word so it can have a double meaning, but the intended meaning is anal sex.
They gave him a big dose of AP (also the initials of a football running back who ran for a lot of yards).
by zoneblitz October 31, 2007
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