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Attachment Parenting. Style of parenting advocating co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, and carrying baby in slings for the best health of the baby and the parents. Dr. Sears a founder.
"That being said, I'm a WOHM w/ a SAHDwork at home mom with a stay at home dad. I spend lots of time at work hanging out on a msg board for APattachment parenting."
by Erin February 22, 2005
Aternative Press:
A awesome magazine with tons of alternative bands.Check for retailers at altpress.com
Did you check Sum 41 on the cover of AP?
That was the shit!
by truong October 11, 2004
1.anal penetration.
2.anal predator.
3.anal protection.
4.anal party.
lets go round to Ap's for an ap.
by robx October 07, 2004
Standing for "Aggrivating Prick"...Normally any person who gets stupidly stressed at the smallest thing, usually resulting in such high stress levels, they revert to acts of a todler, flicking their lip and making gurgling sounds, before shouting strange and indecipherable phrases to themselves. Basically an annoying coworker
Man: "Boss, can I ask you what to do about this Philbie case"
Boss: "Philbie...I dont want to know about it....fucking 3rd hand clients'....*gurgle*gurgle*"
Man: "Ok...I'll speak to someone else about it"
Boss: "mmm...ha, ha, whats her name...philbie....mmmm"
Man: "Thanks AP"
by Macster007 November 30, 2006
Asian Pussy. An analogy: asian girls are to girls, as asian pussy is to asian girls.
Person 1: Yo, you going to study for your AP exams tonight?

Person 2: Yeah, I was planning on going to Rachel's house, but I'm more interested in the other kind of AP.
by yogottiforpresident April 10, 2010
Address the Prompt.

Need I say more?
"Thou shalt Address the Prompt on an AP examination." - The Eleventh Commandment.

"AP. Address the Prompt. And no, that is MY idea, not Davies' idea." - C-Dogg
by KidGudi March 01, 2010
in MMORPG WoW, AP Stands for Armour Penitration
Nerd Says "My AP is 100 yeahhhh! im ownzor!"
by 3133735335 December 13, 2006