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(1): A half iced-tea half lemonade drink created by the Arizona drink company. You can find them at most 7-11's, just ask the Muslim guy working there.
(2): A sexual act where, preferably a guy, palms the head of an individual, and soon gets into a rhythm of pulling the head towards his (or her) crotch, leaving a 50/50 mixture of jizz and saliva in the overjoyed victim's mouth.
Friend 1: Did you hear what Gavin did over the weekend?
Friend 2: No, what?
Friend 1: He finally got tired of t-bagging and gave Megan the good ol' Arnold Palmer. Good man.
Friend 2: Dang......I tried to do that yesterday but turns out the bitch has herpes.
by marklikeslittleboys July 15, 2011
The sexual act of urinating into your partners rectum. Comes from the popular drink which is a mixture of lemonade and ice tea.
"I was having anal sexual intercourse last night and I couldn't help it. I had to give her the Arnold Palmer. Of course she dug it.
by Ricardo Sanchez Esq. July 22, 2006
A drink made of half iced tea and half lemonade. Named after a famous golfer.
Dammit, woman, I'm thirsty! Get in the kitchen and fix me an Arnold Palmer!
by J3 May 07, 2005
when a homosexual man strikes out on a date and has to tug it himself... he has a date with arnold "palmer"!
paul: hey brad how'd your date go last night?
brad: fuckin terrible. dude smelled like old man balls and talked like nic cage!
paul: so home alone?
brad: yeah played the front 9 with arnold palmer!!
by special_OV June 28, 2013
A sex act in which you begin by urinating in a girl's mouth, but halfway through you shit in it instead with explosive diarrhea, thus simulating the lemonade/ ice tea mixture of an Arnold Palmer. Best consumed after a heavy night of drinking and a sack of White Castle sliders
Last night, I got Linda drunk, and convinced her to let me pee in her mouth. But halfway through my bowels let loose and I gave her an Arnold Palmer instead.
by arnie123 April 04, 2015
Fecal matter that is half diarrhea and half solid. Named after the famous Arnold Palmer drink.
Example 1

Steve: "Ah man I just took a huge dump."
Bill: "Yeah? How was it?"
Steve: "It was an Arnold Palmer."
Bill: "Oh, sick."

Example 2

"Just had an Arnold Palmer, it was a pain to wipe."
by fartmaster69 October 22, 2011
The sexual act of licking a female's clitoris while simultaneously fingering her vagina.
Bro, I just gave that bitch an Arnold Palmer in the bathroom.
by seana renne January 10, 2012
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