ASS POUNDING. yep ass pounding
Damn that guy took a massive AP from Heman the warrior.
by Betroot March 08, 2006
word used to show that you don't care about what was just said.
Jerry: "Dude, I don't drink or smoke anymore, or eat burgers!"
Jason: "Ap!"
by J. Spize January 03, 2005
AP is everything and its huge. It can be small but its usually large... enroumous size. The AP is originated in Africa. It is believed that the AP is unstoppable and it holds this world together.
Omg, that looks as big as an AP.
by Lanster July 25, 2003
Associated Press.
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat met Saturday with Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia in an effort to finalize a new Palestinian Cabinet, which has been in limbo for weeks amid a dispute between the two men.
by Colm November 08, 2003
Talking the way out of a situation or into a situation
He pulled an AP on that cop

APing your way to the top
by Goldner June 29, 2003
As in a cool person's nickname
Ap is cool, not gay in the least
by Lance Armstrong May 09, 2003

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