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Funniest Tv station ever. Good source of entertainment. But seriously, I trust the Daily Show more.
"Did you see that special on Fox news? John Kerry was a hooker in Vietnam apparently."
by Tony ramone June 19, 2005
A band that indirectly caused Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
"The Backstreet Boys bring horror to the world."
by Tony ramone June 19, 2005
Common sense. Some one who doesnt believe in magic or propaganda, is backed up by science and logic, and figures that god doesnt do have the shit he tells us to do.
God: "You! Go save lives and bring justice to the world"

(God starts holocaust)
by Tony ramone June 19, 2005
Something that doesnt last long in Texas.
"Dear god, he stand against everything America stands for. Git the rope Cleatus."
by Tony Ramone June 30, 2005
Real name James Oaserberg or something like that. Iggy b/c he was drummer (yes drummer) in a band called the Iguanas. After seeing the Doors in concert, was mezmerized and started his own band, the Stooges, which inspired all punk bands and basically there would be no punk without them, but they were not punk, there's no genre for that level of greatness. The first punk band that was punk, not proto-punk, was the Ramones. Not Stooges MC5 or Velvet Underground, tho they laid out the basics.
Jim Morrison: "Wanna see it! Right then(whips it out and jerks off) YOUR ALL FUCKING SLAVES!!!"

Iggy Pop: "Will outdo Jim Morrison and live to tell the tale"

(Stooges concert)

Iggy: (smeared in blood and peanut butter wearing only a thong and receiving oral sex): "NOW I WANNA BE YOUR DOG!!!"
by Tony Ramone July 11, 2005
the lead singer of Queen, considered te best singer who ever lived.
Damn, dat William Hung aint no freddie mercury.
by Tony ramone June 18, 2005
The greatest band ever. Formed by Jim Morrison and ray Manzarek at a night on the beach after Jim read some of his poems to Ray. Jim Morrison was one of the first rock n roll "crooners" and wrote some of the darkest, deepest songs ever (see the End, Celebration of the Lizard, An American Prayer etc) Indirectly started punk rock, the Stooges and the MC5 started themselves after being mezmerized at a DOors concert. Started in 1965, released their first album in 67, Jim Morrison died in 71 but the band carried on with Ray on vocals and they released one shitty album, Other Voices, broke up in 73 and a new band called the 21 century Doors is touring with two of the original members (ray and Robby Krieger)and Ian Astbury on lead vocals. People say the never had a bassist, but they had SESSION BASSISTS for recording the albums.
Jim "I have poems Ray, listen......."

Ray: "Those are great, lets start a band"

Jim: (drops acid) "FUCKING SLAVE!!!"
by Tony Ramone July 11, 2005

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