The loud belches that old people tend to make involuntarily.
That Pot Roast sure was good...

by Craig Bartal January 05, 2005
To go slow
Can't you get on that website?
No, my computer's gone all AARP on me. It's so slow.
by bnewtonf September 01, 2010
much like the association, aarp refers to an old guy. They typically don't realize that they're mid-life and pursue 20 something's like it's their job.
Eew that guy is straight up aarp, why would I ever talk to him.
by marecare September 22, 2005
A book of things for old people to purchase to make their retarted children to do more work for them. Ie: weelchairs, sinks, bathtub surrounds.
I need an AARP book, that kitchen sink is leaking and I don't have enough money to get a new one instauled.
by Me March 06, 2005
An old ass person, who usually like to bitch about stuff like: not enough handicapped parking at Old Country Buffet, prescription drug prices, and how good the "Good Old Days" were.
"Damn, that bitch with the cane is AARP."
by A Law January 11, 2005
the angry ass rape providers.
mean people who run around with the intention only of ass raping other innocents. these people are generally very angry. also found in many prisons around the world
those AARP's were running rampantly through the streets yesterday.
by in33dah3ro January 24, 2007
That dude is sooo from the AARP
by l33t N00Br March 16, 2005

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