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A word uttered when in shock
"GASP!" shouted the Tajikstani immigrant after realizing his wife had soiled her undergarments.
by Do I Know You February 13, 2003
1. To exclaim by breathing in.
He gasped when he saw the two bodies pulsating.
by Anonymous February 13, 2003
1) Deep breath made when desperate for air.

2) Deep breath made when surprised.
1) After emerging from his tankless, two-minute-and-thirty-seven-second dive, Frank gasped for air with deep, exhausted breaths.

2) I gasped when I learned that Lena was in fact the one who wrote the "Anel was here" message on the blackboard that hat gotten us detention.
by Confident Lefty February 19, 2006
1. Catchphrase uttered by Michael Swaim in the Streamy award winning show, Agents of Cracked.
" GASP! The Chief! "
by TinyDancerViceCityDreams86Rio February 09, 2012
Guest Adjourned Shit Predicament. The predicament one finds themselves in when busting for a shit whilst expecting a guest or visitor to arrive at any minute; thus forcing one to either take the gamble and snap one off and risk having their expected visitor arrive whilst defecating or hold onto it and hope that it goes back in.
Joel said he would arrive at 2:30pm it is now 2:35pm and I am really GASP'ing!
by stitch23red August 26, 2015
another fad word describing something as hip and trendy before it becomes mainstream. - also 'gasping'
"Wow, Duchess Says is such a gasping band!"
"Girl, your fashion is so gasp!"
by Dat Beefy Dangle July 28, 2008
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