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A smiley of a cheering guy throwing his hands in the air, expressing great happiness. In a rare case, it can portray someone throwing his hands in the air in exasperation or panic.
1. YES! My new computer has arrived! \o/

2. Dammit, I have loads of work to do and tomorrow's the deadline! \o/
by Fluid August 26, 2003
His name is Barry, he is an emoticon used to portray happiness, celebration and great joy!
he is NOT another way of writing LOL
\o/ 1 ju5t pwned j00 0n teh c0unt3er strik3!!!!11!111!
by Reverend Ant June 01, 2004
It's a Frenchman doing what he does best: surrendering.
Col. Hebert: Major Rousseau, the Americans have deodorant!
Maj. Rousseau: Oui.. it is time to surrender.
Entire army: \o/
by Shevanel February 21, 2005
A gesticulation of the phrase "praise the sun". Used frequently in the game Dark Souls. It is used to indicate any combination of relief, happiness, and thankfulness.
1. I survived the Capra Demon! Praise the sun! \o/

2. I just bought Dark Souls \o/
by RedHare December 04, 2012
I always thought the o was a person's mouth and the slashes were hands, showing surprise. The expression I pictured was that of the person in the painting Scream, or another version of :O
Guy 1: I heard Guitar Hero 4 is going to have more instruments compatible with it, like in Rock Band!
Guy 2: \o/
by alyssarcastic September 25, 2008
\o/ = w00t, not something else you crazies
13373|2: joo were pwned joo n00b!
13373|2: \o/
loser: god i suck
by Chunky Kong November 19, 2005
No it's not.. It's a thing used in the Uk.. a popular soccer player holds his hands up and runs around in triamph or something.. So this is supposed to show 'celebrating'
by BlackRider April 04, 2003
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