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Hard one to define imo.. I guess it's
1. This sucks.
2. Whatever
3. Greeeeeeeat (sarcasticly)
Nice job :/

Bob: I couldn't get the match rescheduled
BlackRider: :/
by BlackRider April 04, 2003
An excellent mp3 playing application for windows. It can now even play some video formats. Quite a few plugins available and a wide variety of skins. www.winamp.com

"It really kicks the llamas ass"
I'm listening to atc-around the word on winamp!
by BlackRider March 09, 2003
An application that lets you go on irc
(The best irc app for windows)
by BlackRider March 09, 2003
Meaning, just "owned" someone at something...

Defeated or beaten them in a game, spelling competition whatever...
n00b just got pied...
by BlackRider June 16, 2004
A mod for the computer game Quake 3 www.urbanterror.net
1. Let's go play some Urban Terror.
by BlackRider March 09, 2003
To camp or stay in an enclosed area. The word comes from a clan named NoX who are known to camp quite a bit.
1. Sigh, he's NoXing :/
2. Look at him, what a NoXer.
by BlackRider March 09, 2003
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