A misunderstood country-just to tell you, we don't care. Known for being strictly Christian (mostly Orthodox). Language is similar to Italian, Spanish , and French. Some people may not know this , but many, many years ago the Roman soldiers came to Dacia (modern-day Romania) , and took it over, since Romania is so small and somewhat powerless at the time. Now , most Romanians are part Dacian-part Italian, but there are a few true 100% Romanians with ONLY Dacian descent. So, in a way you can say Romania is like a 2nd Italy. People there are usually tan. It has many beautiful churches, but unfortunately it is very poor. Since people there can't even manage to take care of themselves,animals usually starve :(. I'm not trying to offend it btw , I'm Romanian.

A country similar to Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary.

Also known for tuica (plum brandy) , sarmale (cabbage rolls) and eat everything with bread.
The most popular music there for teenagers are house/techno/electronic music. For adults, traditional Romanian cultural/folk music.
Known for partying and alcohol.
Wow, those Romanians sure know to have a good time!
by blackmetalfanatic890 December 09, 2011
A beautiful country in Eastern Europe, unfortunately saddled with the worst neighbors in history. Having hungary as a neighbor is like having a pig farm next door, it smells, its noisy and mainly only the most uneducated people work/live there. A great country that has been raped clean by years of communist rule, corruption and emmigration of the upper echelon, read: most educated, brightest, people in its society. We do have some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, monasteries, castles and general buildings of interest. The women, WOW, if you really want to see some gorgeous and generally educated women, go there, not like these fat ass, poorly dressed and uneducated females we have here. The alchohol and food are great, our sarmale and tuica kick ass. Do not listen to these little ass pirates, faggots from Hungary, hell, it probably took 10 top proffesors from their top university 6 months to write that mispelled vile trash about Romania, but what can you expect, theyre just Hungarians.
"Vine trenul din Galati, plin cu Unguri spinzurati"
Sa-m tirii coiale pe coliva lu mata, Pisti
"What the hell is that smell Vasile, it smells like.....shit, or dead pig?"
"Thats the bad part about living in this part of Romania Ioane, when the wind shifts you can smell the Hungarians"
by Comie Bastard October 21, 2006
Noun. A state of a non-platonic relationship that is both chaotic and romantic at the same time.
We were in love, and then we broke up. Now we have fallen into romania.
by Joe Fedcamp August 23, 2006
A country with beautiful landscapes and equally beautiful medieval towns. However, the country's people mentality is totally opposed to the beauty of it's landscapes. Most romanians have prehistorical mentality. 90% of romanians are either cocalars or princesses and there you really have to be either cocalar or princess if you wanna be popular. That 90% part of Romania's population has a very bad syndrome which is abreviated SLDBI which stands for Stupidity, Lazyness, Dishonesty, Burglary and Iresponsability.
That romanian guy surely is a cocalar.
romania is a country well known for churches, castles, women, gipsys, drinks, parties and retards. trust me, i live there...i mean here.... you get it
Contest dude: And for $1,000,098,390 what is the first letter of the alphabet

R-tard:Ba io nu shtiu (dude, i dunno in romanian)

Contest dude: are you from romania?
by chibiangell August 20, 2009
Romania is a country bordered by Hungary to the west, Bulgaria to the south, Moldolva to the east and Ukraine to the north. It also borders part of the former Yugoslavia.

Romanians are by and large under the control of the Orthodox Church. They give all their money (except what they buy beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets with) to priests to build huge, wasteful cathedrals.

Romanians are also afraid of having any two windows open which might cause a draft ("curent") which they say causes death and other illnesses. Romanians would rather die than be exposed to the curent. They also have to stay inside overnight any time they take a shower, and not go out for at least 12 hours or they will die.

Romanians have dogs which they leave cooped up in the back yard all the time, never letting them out, causing them to bark and bark all night and keep everybody up. But it doesn't matter because a Romanian thinks only of himself.

They also like to smoke and toss their cigarettes onto the ground.

The gypsies used to say dati-mi cin sute de lei but later started saying dati-mi o mia de lei.

25 different castles all claim to be Dracula's castle, and the McDonald's have only McToast for breakfast.
That man is from Romania
by Antonescu August 09, 2007
Romania is a corrupt, depressing, dark place. I went back to visit 3 times since 1994 and every time I felt eased and relieved when I left. It is shocking that Romania is part of the EU. There were hopes after 1989 for changes into better. There aren't any left today. The communists are "back" in power, and the old story continues. Don't ever go there unless you want to do some peace core volunteering.
What is that country called where monuments and villages are destroyed in order to eliminate the existence of Hungarians? Romania
Where do these know-it-all, self absorbed people come from? Romania
by romanul October 24, 2012

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