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1 definition by thy_mistress

A country with a great history, beautiful landscapes, very traditional and spiritual, also with a great potential, either economical or aesthetic, but who started to lick the Americans' fat asses and lost their identity.
The romanians are not gypsies. Gypsies are actually not related to romanians at all, but the romanians were somehow influenced by their lifestyle and by their music called ,manele'' The subject of the manele genre is money, power, women, success, enemies etc.

Romanians are very influenced by music and they love house music, a repetitive and brainwashing genre.If you live in Romania you feel forced to adapt to this situation, everyone likes manele and house music so if you want to be accepted in the society you must do the same. You must also be very vulgar and superficial. The stereotypes of people who share this ideology are called cocalar( for males) and pitipoanca (females) You can spot them by the tastlessness : big sunglasses, too much tan, horrible clothes, sometimes massive gold jewelry, the manele or house/minimal music coming from their mobile phones( they never heard of headphones) and bad vocabulary.

The gypsies are called ,,rromi'' in romanian just because they are so many and they are getting very aggresive when they get called ,,gypsies''. Calling them ''rromi'' instead of gypsies in the purpose of not provoking them was a mistake, because the other nations see a connection between the term ,,rromi'' and the name of the country, Romania.
Romania is such a beautiful country, too bad the romanians forgot who they were and became American ass-lickers.
by thy_mistress September 25, 2011