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A misunderstood country-just to tell you, we don't care. Known for being strictly Christian (mostly Orthodox). Language is similar to Italian, Spanish , and French. Some people may not know this , but many, many years ago the Roman soldiers came to Dacia (modern-day Romania) , and took it over, since Romania is so small and somewhat powerless at the time. Now , most Romanians are part Dacian-part Italian, but there are a few true 100% Romanians with ONLY Dacian descent. So, in a way you can say Romania is like a 2nd Italy. People there are usually tan. It has many beautiful churches, but unfortunately it is very poor. Since people there can't even manage to take care of themselves,animals usually starve :(. I'm not trying to offend it btw , I'm Romanian.

A country similar to Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary.

Also known for tuica (plum brandy) , sarmale (cabbage rolls) and eat everything with bread.
The most popular music there for teenagers are house/techno/electronic music. For adults, traditional Romanian cultural/folk music.
Known for partying and alcohol.
Wow, those Romanians sure know to have a good time!
by blackmetalfanatic890 December 09, 2011

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