Romania is in southeast Europe and is slightly smaller than Oregon, with a beautiful landscape. The Carpathian Mountains divide Romania's upper half from north to south and connect near the center of the country with the Transylvanian Alps, running east and west. North and west of these ranges lies the Transylvanian plateau, and to the south and east are the plains of Moldavia and Wallachia. In its last 306 km, the Danube River flows through Romania only. It enters the Black Sea in northern Dobruja, just south of the border with Ukraine.

Government: Republic.

Most of Romania was the Roman province of Dacia from about A.D. 100 to 271. From the 3rd to the 12th century, wave after wave of barbarian conquerors overran the native Daco-Roman population. By the 16th century, the main Romanian principalities of Moldavia and Walachia had become satellites within the Ottoman Empire, although they retained much independence. The nation became a kingdom in 1881 after the Congress of Berlin.
Romania joined NATO in 2004, and in 2005 the EU approved the entry of Romania in 2007. Final acceptance into the EU will require a number of reforms, including increased law enforcement and environmental measures and the protection of the rights of the Roma minority.

The great majority of the inhabitants speak Romanian, although there are also sizable minorities speaking Hungarian (8%) and German (2%). Other ethnic groups include Ukrainians, Serbs, Croats, Gypsies, Russians, and Turks.

From 1948 until 1989, Romania had a Soviet-style command economy in which nearly all agricultural and industrial enterprises were state controlled. During those years, it built an economy based largely on heavy industry. Romania remains one of the poorest European countries. Agriculture employs about 27% of the labor force and accounts for 15% of the GNP. Chief crops are corn, sugar beets, potatoes, and various grains.

Romania is the place of birth of the inventor of the jet plane engine "Henri Coanda" and many others. It also has the world's 2nd largest building. It is commonly known for the myth of Count Dracula.
There is a conflict between Romania and Hungary, mainly the reason why you see these Hungary's kiddos writing fake statements about Romania.

However, most romanians don't go down to their level and insult their country over
by Dragoss December 10, 2006
I can't believe some of the stuff written about Romania. I am actually a Romanian residing in the US. Seems to me like most of the people that talk about AIDS, Hungary, gypsies have never been abroad, never the less to Romania.

Get your facts straight, as Romania is by far one of the best places in the world where you could live and love the people of the country. I am lucky for spending 21 years of my life over there. When living in the US has actually taught me how not to take stuff for granted.

Romania still is a poor country compared to Germany, France, etc, they are just building the freeway system throughout the country, which seems like its going to take forever to finish. Their politicians are corrupt (just like anywhere in the world) only they do it in plain sight.

However as far as people, places and the 2000 year culture they had inherited from the Romans and Dacians (see Dacia car manufacturer best selling car in Europe) Romania was, is and will be one of the best places you can go visit.

I like to put it as the country where "shit is still raw". Really funny the comment on the guy that said that the only breakfast thing @ McDonald's is the McToast which is a hamburger bun flipped upside down with ham and cheese. Romanians don't make a big thing about breakfast. They still got scrambled eggs bacon, etc. They are big on organic foods with no additives.

Refer to this link for more info

romaniatourism (dot)com

Also wiki Romania and find out stats about population as well as go to

norc (dot)ro

its like street view in Google only with major Romanian cities.

Stop playa hating on RO. Oh btw fuck Borat, that's a gypsy village, those things are rare, its like a different world!
by ChaoSeth August 06, 2009
Romania one of the most beautiful country in Europe. That is the reason why Hungarians are writing bullshit on this website about romania, because they are jelous and also they are stupid, as you notice none of it is true and is made up on the dot. Hungarians are very undisciplined and jelous people. I think they should all die and get the fuck out of our country. We all know you like it but stop fucking migrating there, go back to you're fucking country! You're not fucking welcome you fucking gypsies.
"Oh look, Hungary sucks, let's move to Romania, and invade them, speak hungarian, make hungarian schools and put the Hungary flag up and then ask romania for that land! Maybe we can make it Hungary! Cuz we don't have good land, infact, our land sucks...we like yours!" MUIE LA UNGURI!!
by dddani March 05, 2007
A decent country located in Europe. Known popularly for the infamous story of Count Dracula, and to gun-enthusiasts, known widely for exporting AK-47's. ^_^
"Now that I say I want to visit Romania, I now have a LOT of countries I wouldn't mind visitting. But Romania just sounds so interesting. ^_^ "
by Dave June 16, 2004
Romania ... u have money u have em all ... a country rulled by pussys and thieves ... a glourios and hounourable history but with a really grim future its going downhill and its going fast . Romanian people are actually very nice and hospitable but like all other nations we have our own trash whom we named "GIPSYs" or "tigani" in romanian ... they are not romanian ... romanians are good ...tigani are bad and evil and they should be exterminated, now before making me a racist let me tell u this...they dont steal , kill and rob because they are poor a mather of fact most of them drive cars i can never afford ...have 2kg+ golden chains and other jewelry and they still stink , they still rob ..they still kill ..Germans , Italians ,French ,Spanish people ..please stop confusing gipsy's with romanians ...i admit that there are some romanians that are involved with them ..but they are trash too so nobody would miss em if they suddenly dissapear ..ok ..have a nice day :)
romania not happy to be here like the rest of those 22 milions
by derzelas January 19, 2008
A country that is highly dissed on Urban Dictionary by people that don't even bother to pick up a grammar book before starting to point fingers.

Apparently, we're beyond poor, we're being outnumbered by gypsies (some even think every Romanian inhabitant is a gypsy) and we're decades behind every other country, concerning our progress/technology/yadda yadda yadda. (God I dont even know how I'm able to use a computer cause I'm so st00pid)

Romania is awfully underrated by unneducated individuals that enjoy talking smack in their ridiculous posts, without getting their facts straight, just because it's fun to act like know-it-all-buttfaces, leaving people with the wrong impression.

-Also I love how some of the people here seem Romanian, and they're really "promoting" their country like no one's business.-
A: I'm so sick of the lack of respect people show towards Romania. I mean, I LIVE here and I know its pros and cons, and yeah, it's not a perfect country but what these people are saying is just borderline bull$#!@ !

B: Haters gon' hate, it's all they have to do with their pathetic lives, making up stories to put themselves in a good light.
by LouderThanThunder August 17, 2010
A country with a great history, beautiful landscapes, very traditional and spiritual, also with a great potential, either economical or aesthetic, but who started to lick the Americans' fat asses and lost their identity.
The romanians are not gypsies. Gypsies are actually not related to romanians at all, but the romanians were somehow influenced by their lifestyle and by their music called ,manele'' The subject of the manele genre is money, power, women, success, enemies etc.

Romanians are very influenced by music and they love house music, a repetitive and brainwashing genre.If you live in Romania you feel forced to adapt to this situation, everyone likes manele and house music so if you want to be accepted in the society you must do the same. You must also be very vulgar and superficial. The stereotypes of people who share this ideology are called cocalar( for males) and pitipoanca (females) You can spot them by the tastlessness : big sunglasses, too much tan, horrible clothes, sometimes massive gold jewelry, the manele or house/minimal music coming from their mobile phones( they never heard of headphones) and bad vocabulary.

The gypsies are called ,,rromi'' in romanian just because they are so many and they are getting very aggresive when they get called ,,gypsies''. Calling them ''rromi'' instead of gypsies in the purpose of not provoking them was a mistake, because the other nations see a connection between the term ,,rromi'' and the name of the country, Romania.
Romania is such a beautiful country, too bad the romanians forgot who they were and became American ass-lickers.
by thy_mistress September 25, 2011

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